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Television’s are Smarter Than Ever

The humble Television has come a long way since it’s initial creation in the 1920’s. These days we have TVs that are almost computers and they are always innovating and exploring new ideas. Many of them are now staples in the tech industry. Smart TVs are now commonplace with 4K TVs exceeding expectations. Users can… Read More

Why are the tech giants struggling to build their own driverless cars?

We may have just seen a major player in the drive towards autonomous cars apply screeching brakes. Apple has reportedly abandoned its plans to build its own self-driving electric vehicle and is instead going to focus on the underlying autonomous software. A similar initiative to produce a fully autonomous car by Google also appeared to… Read More

Amazon Echo will bring genuinely helpful AI into our homes much sooner than expected

What’s all the fuss about the voice-activated home speaker that Amazon is due to release in the UK and Germany in late September? This gadget has been available in the US for over a year and has proven a minor hit, with sales estimates between 1.6m and 3m. But these figures belie the potential impact… Read More

Pokémon Go is a blueprint for the rise of robots

Pokémon Go has gone straight to the top of the gaming charts in the US and Australia, where it was first released at the start of July. The smartphone-based game has already been downloaded by nearly 6% of US Android users. What makes this latest installment of the 20-year-old Pokémon franchise so appealing is its… Read More

Apple iOS 10 v Google Android: which is leading the way?

Both Apple and Google use their developer conferences to introduce updates to their mobile operating systems. Google IO, held last month, introduced Google’s latest version “N” of Android, along with new apps. Apple has done the same this week at its World Wide Developer Conference, introducing iOS 10. While both Apple and Google are likely… Read More

Google’s late response to Amazon Echo suggests the future is voice control and virtual reality

The recent Google I/O developer conference at which the company reveals its new products and directions brought with it several surprising announcements that mark significant changes for the way the company approaches its online business. The first was the admission by Google chief executive, Sundar Pichai, that Amazon had taken the lead in voice-activated devices… Read More

Comment la technologie et le numérique ont révolutionné l’industrie du cinéma

Jean-Paul Simon (fondateur et directeur de JPS Public Policy Consulting) est co-auteur de cet article. Contrairement à l’image qu’il donne volontiers de lui-même, le cinéma n’est pas seulement le monde de la création et de l’inspiration, c’est aussi souvent une industrie lourde. Lourde d’abord, par le niveau des investissements en production. Quel que soit le… Read More

Why robots need to be able to say ‘No’

Pour lire cet article en francais, veuillez cliquer ici Should you always do what other people tell you to do? Clearly not. Everyone knows that. So should future robots always obey our commands? At first glance, you might think they should, simply because they are machines and that’s what they are designed to do. But… Read More

How to design trustworthy robot butlers that we won’t want to treat like humans

Does your car “not want” to start on cold mornings? And does your toaster “like” burning your toast? This kind of intentional language is natural to us and built into the way we interact with the world – even with machines. This is because we have evolved to become extremely social animals, understanding others by… Read More

Pourquoi les robots doivent être capables de dire « non »

Doit-on toujours se plier à ce que les autres nous disent de faire ? Bien sûr que non. Tout le monde sait ça. Du coup, les robots du futur doivent-ils toujours obéir à nos ordres ? Au premier abord, on pourrait penser que oui, tout simplement par ce que ce sont des machines et qu’elles ont été… Read More

Military needs a more realistic approach to virtual reality

The worlds of warfare and virtual reality are an appealing combination. Millions of fans of Call of Duty would no doubt jump from their sofas at the chance to immerse themselves in a 3D version of the game, given the right kit. But the serious side of this combination is appealing too. Using virtual reality… Read More

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