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Cyber crooks could soon hold a city to ransom

Last year ransomware saw everything from family photo archives to business networks targeted by cyber criminals demanding bitcoins to set your data free. Then, out of the shadows, emerged concerted attacks with higher ransoms as hospitals and local councils were in the crosshairs. But why stop there? What if ransomware went after a whole smart… Read More

By attacking DNS, hackers can bring down many websites for the price of one

The internet’s architecture is under attack again as a huge denial of service attack takes out major sites in US and Europe.

How vulnerable to hacking is the US election cyber infrastructure?

Following the hack of Democratic National Committee emails and reports of a new cyberattack against the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, worries abound that foreign nations may be clandestinely involved in the 2016 American presidential campaign. Allegations swirl that Russia, under the direction of President Vladimir Putin, is secretly working to undermine the U.S. Democratic Party…. Read More

Securing web browsing: protecting the Tor network

There are more than 865 encryption tools in use worldwide, all addressing different aspects of a common problem. People want to protect information: hard drives from oppressive governments, physical location from stalkers, browsing history from overly curious corporations or phone conversations from nosy neighbors. They all rely on cryptography, a delicate craft that when done… Read More

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