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Manage, monitor and control physical access to server rooms and racks

The rise of Big Data, housed increasingly in large, colocated data centres, highlights the need to protect this data from unauthorised access. The challenges of data protection grow every day.  While most organisations defend their data against digital attacks, server rooms and server racks are typically less well defended against physical breaches – whether accidental… Read More

Solving the security dilemma of shared data centres

Who is accessing your company’s most sensitive data? Where? When? And if someone without authorisation did, how would you know? Some of the world’s best-known companies have succumbed to data breaches that proved expensive—in terms of both cost and reputation. The focus, usually, is on a digital attack. Passwords and anti-hacking procedures come under scrutiny,… Read More

Reduce the risk of a data breach with an Aperio® Server Cabinet Lock

With the data centre market growing fast—and colocation increasingly common—companies need to ensure more than ever that their sensitive data is protected against unauthorised access. When multiple companies share a data centre location, often even the same rack, managing physical access to servers is critical, to ensure compliance and avoid costly breaches. The Aperio® KS100… Read More

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