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Cyber crooks could soon hold a city to ransom

Last year ransomware saw everything from family photo archives to business networks targeted by cyber criminals demanding bitcoins to set your data free. Then, out of the shadows, emerged concerted attacks with higher ransoms as hospitals and local councils were in the crosshairs. But why stop there? What if ransomware went after a whole smart… Read More

Ransomware – Mitigating the Threat

Over the course of the last few years we have witnessed the increasing trend of hackers attempting to extort money from both private users, and more recently businesses, via the proliferation of various Ransomware Trojans such as CryptoLocker. These malicious pieces of software are designed to gain access to and encrypt data and files by… Read More

Recovering from Ransomware in Minutes with Zerto Virtual Replication

Shift-Left Security: How to Automate Security into Your Pipeline

As DevOps role in the IT management is growing and virtual containers are rapidly gaining popularity – Docker is the fastest growing DevOps tool – DevOps now need to deal with security issues as well, and rethink their overall security strategy. How can they maintain an enterprise-grade security? Join our webinar to learn: •How to… Read More

eBook: Five Things Security Pros Need to Know About Containers

As containers from the likes of Docker, CoreOs and others are rapidly adopted in enterprise deployments, they present unique security challenges that often fall in the gap between DevOps and IT Security: Can security be ingrained into the development-to-production process? At what stages should security controls be implemented, and who should own them? How can… Read More

Gartner Report: How to Seamlessly Integrate Security Into DevOps

“By 2019, more than 70% of enterprise DevOps initiatives will have incorporated automated security vulnerability and configuration scanning for open source components and commercial packages, up from less than 10% in 2016”. * How can security be integrated into DevOps processes, without compromising speed and agility? Learn about industry challenges and best practices; assess your… Read More

Assembling a Container Security Program

In this comprehensive research, security analysts Securosis provide a complete overview of the security implications of using virtual containers. The report outlines: Potential security threats to containers How to secure the build pipeline How to secure container contents Protecting containers in runtime Monitoring and auditing From the report: “The burden of securing containers falls across… Read More

Aqua Container Security Platform 2.0 Introduces Container-Level Network Nano-Segmentation

February 2, 2017 – Ramat Gan, Israel – Aqua Security, provider of the leading platform for securing containerized applications, today announced the release of version 2.0 of its Container Security Platform (CSP). Aqua CSP Version 2.0 features automated nano-segmentation of container network traffic, cross-platform secrets management, and sensitive data discovery. Other enhancements include management by… Read More

Aqua Security Provides Nano-Segmentation for Containers

Container Security Platform 2.0 release aims to help further segment application container traffic and adds new support for secrets management. Container technologies already provide multiple types of isolation to keep application workloads safe and segmented. According to Aqua Security CTO and co-founder Amir Jerbi, additional segmentation is needed, which is what his company is now… Read More

9 Security Startups Worth Watching In 2017

In today’s data intensive world, companies large and small are dealing with data in new ways. For example, millions of connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices are transmitting tons of data every day. And the shift to deploying apps via containers is changing software’s relationship to infrastructure. This, in turn, is creating the potential for… Read More

Manage, monitor and control physical access to server rooms and racks

The rise of Big Data, housed increasingly in large, colocated data centres, highlights the need to protect this data from unauthorised access. The challenges of data protection grow every day.  While most organisations defend their data against digital attacks, server rooms and server racks are typically less well defended against physical breaches – whether accidental… Read More

Solving the security dilemma of shared data centres

Who is accessing your company’s most sensitive data? Where? When? And if someone without authorisation did, how would you know? Some of the world’s best-known companies have succumbed to data breaches that proved expensive—in terms of both cost and reputation. The focus, usually, is on a digital attack. Passwords and anti-hacking procedures come under scrutiny,… Read More