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What data centre transformation means for power and cooling

Datacentres are transforming as new technologies disrupt traditional IT architectures. But what are some of these technologies and what impact will they have on the physical environment and its demands for right-sized power and cooling? Hybrid cloud Relax, a cloud is basically an IT network or a datacentre. When people say private cloud, they mean… Read More

Schneider Electric Earns Nutanix Ready Core Certification of APC Power Protection Software for Hyperconverged Solutions

• Eliminates typical compatibility testing by channel partners, reducing costs and time • Ensures highest level of protection for complex mission-critical systems • Expands APC’s robust network of partnerships and alliances aimed at providing highly efficient, optimised, reliable and integrated solutions Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, today announced the APC… Read More

Data Centre Monitoring Is Essential When Calculating the Accuracy of PUE

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) has become an industry-accepted energy efficiency metric for data centres. It requires accurate measurements to be taken of the power consumed by IT equipment and separately from the overall power consumption of the entire facility. There are of course several valid approaches to calculating PUE, the appropriate method being determined purely… Read More

Why every Electrical Contractor should recognise that UPS is a huge business opportunity

By Geoff Denham, Data centre Design and Build Consultant, Comtec Power A vital component in infrastructure and fit-out projects, UPS/power protection is a specialist area that safeguards the essential 24/7 uptime of sensitive IT systems. This means that those general electrical contractors with the best working knowledge are better at spotting, maximising and converting UPS… Read More

Totally Integrated Power

Efficient, reliable, and safe power distribution Efficient, reliable, and safe: These are the demands placed on your power distribution system. With Totally Integrated Power (TIP) we provide a coordinated, tailored program that delivers the planning, products, installation, operation, and services you need to respond. With TIP you can confidently address power supply issues related with… Read More

Power Distribution as a System in the high-density data centre

It has been obvious for some time that the power distribution system within the data center is the key opportunity to focus upon in order to actively manage the rising costs of power and more specifically,identify problems and waste in real-time. With future-thinking organizations sharing knowledge between Facilities and IT, the push for more intelligence… Read More

New 3-Phase UPS Solution, with ECOnversion technology and Li-ion batteries launched

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management and automation, today introduced Galaxy VX™, a highly efficient, easy to deploy, compact three-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with flexible operating modes for large facilities, data centres and business-critical applications. This innovative pay-as-you-grow solution will support enterprises in their move to hyperscale data centres, enabling them to… Read More

Factors to consider when running generators with UPS systems

Most businesses of any size now rely on clean, continuous power from an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to prevent loss of service, data loss and damage to sensitive IT and communications equipment. A correctly-specified UPS from a reputable supplier will provide this protection during short-term power disturbances and blackouts, but is not designed to deliver backup… Read More

Supplying continuous power under all conditions; the role of the static switch

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) are well-known as devices that can support critical loads by using stored energy during mains power blackouts. In reality though, they must also offer protection from electrical noise, spikes and surges as well as overloads and possibly even failures within themselves. To provide protection from these various threat calls, amongst other… Read More

Protecting your UPS from afar: remote monitoring and maintenance services

While UPS installations exist to protect their critical load from power problems, they equally must be protected from factors that could harm them – even if this is difficult to achieve due to a lack of trained staff or resources. In this article, Alan Luscombe, Director at Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd., a Kohler company, shows… Read More

Maximising UPS system availability

UPS systems exist to supply clean power with near-perfect availability. It follows therefore that the UPSs themselves also have these levels of availability. In this article Alan Luscombe, Director at Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd., a Kohler company, looks at the key factors for this critical UPS characteristic – parallel redundancy, decentralised parallel architecture (DPA), and… Read More

Battery Technology for Data Centers: VRLA vs. Li-ion

Lithium-ion battery prices have decreased over the years and are now becoming a viable option for data center UPS. This paper provides a brief overview of li-ion batteries in comparison to VRLA batteries for static UPS applications, including optimal chemistries and technologies. A 10-year total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis is provided showing li-ion is… Read More