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Dynomax AEROSPACE Supplier – Case Study

Download this case study to learn how FORCAM enabled Dynomax to improve productivity by 20 percent in 3 months, increase direct labour efficiency, on time delivery, machine utilization, cost reduction and shop floor transparency.  

Video: The beating heart of IoT-enabled business transformation

Although IoT may have only recently appeared on business radars, for decades KORE has been serving businesses of all stripes with IoT solutions Meet the team behind one of the industry’s most well-established and well-trusted IoT enablers. In this exclusive video, KORE experts, managers and directors explain why the company is the only contact a… Read More

Mindsphere: Transforming data into business success

MindSphere is a cloud-based, open operating system for the Internet of Things (IoT).  Put simply, it enables easy, secure, encrypted connections from machine to machine or process to process on an unprecedented scale. With data analytics and connectivity capabilities, tools for developers, applications and services, it is designed to help industrial users exploit the full… Read More

IoT end-to-end thinking

Digitalisation is going to be the great enabler when it comes to helping transform the UK’s industrial landscape and allow the country to reap the economic benefits that will follow from improved productivity rates, flexible manufacturing capabilities and a sharper competitive edge in a globalised marketplace. Digital technologies are the central part of the Fourth… Read More

Organisational resilience: A smart approach

David Mudd, Director for IoT at British Standards Institution (BSI), discusses the principle of Organisational Resilience and how embracing new technologies can strengthen businesses in today’s digital world. Navigating today’s fast moving and ever-changing digital world whilst ensuring that your organization survives and prospers over the long term is now more challenging than ever. As… Read More

Comarch Smart City brings the Venue alive

How can we find patterns in the way people live, discover things, and spend the time in the city? By observing their daily routine, when they commute between home and office or university. And also, when they choose how to relax after fulfilling their responsibilities: workout at the gym or doing shopping, having a family… Read More

The DAO: a radical experiment that could be the future of decentralised governance

For many people, the birth of the internet happened on August 9, 1995, when Netscape went stratospherically public. Something similar is happening right now, and it could do for organisations and their governance what the internet did for information and its distribution. The DAO is a wildly ambitious, risky and radical new entity that has… Read More

Brief: The Two Fundamental IoT Business Opportunities

Why Read This Brief The growth of Internet-of-Things (IoT) ideas and technology has sparked a wide variety of options and confusion, with many stakeholders involved. But if you break IoT possibilities into the two fundamental IoT scenarios, it makes it much simpler to think through the options. This brief frames out the details of the… Read More

Wearables and the data centre question

This year, 72 billion wearables have been shipped worldwide. By 2019, this is forecast to reach 156 billion. The resulting explosion in data volumes will ask serious questions of data centre infrastructure. So what’s the answer?   Google Trends showing increase in searches for “wearables” The early days Smartbands were many people’s introduction to wearables. Measuring… Read More

Highly esteemed experts will join IoT market leaders at pioneering IoT business event

The global technology and business event, Smart IoT London, has today announced that renowned industry pioneers Robert Scoble, R “Ray” Wang, Dr. John Bates and Mike Gualtieri will lead a 180-strong international speaker faculty. Taking place at ExCeL on the 12th and 13th April 2016, the event is expected to draw an audience of over… Read More

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