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The 3 things that matter in cloud: workload, workload, workload

In IT circles, the tremendous opportunity represented in cloud is frequently counterbalanced by uncertainty. Cloud can apply to literally every IT resource and system used by the organization — hence the size of the opportunity. But with so many possibilities, what is the most effective first step? Or more accurately — since with or without… Read More

Three Essential Questions on Making the Switch to Hybrid IT

Why should companies look at investing in hybrid IT? What advantages can they gain from it? JT: Some organisations come to us and just want a transactional service and that’s fine. We’re cool with that ‒ if they want 15 CPUs and x amount of RAM and some storage capabilities, we can provide it. Others… Read More

Clouding freely, task by task

One thing we’ve thought a lot about at Dell is how to make the entire cloud landscape easier to grasp for our customers, so we can ensure our efforts are focused as directly as possible on the most immediate opportunities to transform how IT works. Cloud applies pretty much to everyone in technology. So if… Read More