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Opportunities and Challenges – how cloud services can improve your business?

The cloud is a hot topic which is regularly on the minds of enterprises all over the world. The way we work, lead and build companies is changing, and it’s all thanks to the cloud. We present an interview by Malgorzata Zabieglinska – Lupa – ICT Product Manager, with Krystian Chorzępa – Business Solution Architect… Read More

ZVR Cloud Continuity Platform – Enabling the Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud is rapidly becoming the preferred model for IT. A missing piece for enabling true, production grade Hybrid Cloud is the ability to mobilize and protect production workloads between different infrastructure types. Cloud Continuity Platform is a new infrastructure concept which enables application mobility and protection across public, managed and private clouds, and across… Read More

Find Out How Zerto Makes Hybrid Cloud a Reality

Coller Capital takes to the Cloud in Hybrid Migration

Coller Capital, a long-standing CenturyLink customer, used its latest IT upgrade to underpin a DevOps approach and the journey to cloud   Coller Capital, the leading player in private equity ‘secondaries’, acquires positions in private equity funds from Limited Partners, and portfolios of unquoted companies from their corporate or institutional owners. Founded in 1990, Coller… Read More

Dell private cloud solutions

Building a private cloud with Dell will help your organization empower users and customers with the right service levels, optimize application delivery total cost of ownership, and enable service-centric IT that accelerates business responsiveness.   With information technology at the heart of most every process in organizations today, the opportunity for success and threat of… Read More

Free E-book: How the private cloud boosts efficiency, flexibility

Moving to the cloud is an important business decision that can impact not only how a company runs but its bottom line. Top concerns for businesses when considering a migration to the cloud include cost, security and flexibility, according to a recent report by IDG Enterprise. Of large enterprises, 89 percent have either deployed or… Read More

Seeking a practical path to cloud adoption

“Companies with experts ready to solve the problems. Cause only an expert can see there’s a problem And only an expert can deal with the problem…” When it comes to cloud strategy and direction, there’s no shortage of expert advice available. In fact, experts of every kind are at your beck and call to tell… Read More

Cloud marketplace leads the way to #BeFutureReady

Traditional software — and the computer infrastructure to support it — is giving way to the cloud marketplace, where companies can be agile and cost-effective with resources. Let’s explore the advantages to this revolutionizing resource. Filling a need Economics has forced companies to stop asking if they need to use the cloud. Today, they know… Read More

Anticipating and capitalizing on the ripple effects of cloud adoption

Ripple effect: a spreading, pervasive, and usually unintentional effect or influence (Merriam-Webster) When it comes to cloud, ripple effects can be positive, negative or neutral. But they are often surprising, unexpected, and unaccounted for. And surprise is generally an undesirable element in today’s risk-averse IT environment. But you’re paid to prepare—and you can put these… Read More

Cloud adoption reaches a tipping point

Whatever cloud-adoption track organizations may be following today — and it’s clear that, to a large extent, every organization must stake out its own unique cloud-adoption journey — the importance of leadership by IT today is quite apparent. Given that the concerns of the lines of business and non-IT executives often differ from those of… Read More

A framework for opportunistic cloud adoption

You may have begun deploying cloud – whether just utilizing SaaS, experiencing managed or unmanaged use of public cloud services or investing in advanced virtualization platforms for internal IT resources. But how can you aggressively pursue immediate cloud opportunities without hindering any long-term goals to transform how your IT works? Download the infographic to find out how… Read More

IT reasserts leadership in an era of cloud adoption

In his best-selling 2000 book, Malcolm Gladwell defines a tipping point as “the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point.” That is the moment we’ve now reached when it comes to cloud adoption. Having reached a threshold of urgency and commitment, IT organizations are actively investing in public, private and hybrid cloud solutions…. Read More