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How Panduit Oversaw Reduction in Energy Use Through Increased Integration and Automation at CyrusOne

Thanks to Panduit technology, CyrusOne is experiencing a 2-7°F increase in the RAT set points throughout its data hall, with the refrigeration power decreased to 137.4kW from 149.9kW

Huawei’s SEE Becomes International Standard After Approval by ITU

The Site Energy Efficiency (SEE) proposed by Huawei has recently been approved by the International Telecom Union (ITU), and ITU-T L.1350: Energy Efficiency Metrics of Base Station Site has officially become the international standard for the field of telecom energy. After two years of serious debates and repeated demonstration, the standard has finally been established…. Read More

New Efficiency Standard will spur energy innovation in data centres

By focussing on the trade offs between mechanical load and electrical losses as a means to ensure energy efficiency, ASHRAE’s new Energy Standard for data centres is paving the way for industry best practices and a standards-based approach to data centre design.  Earlier this week a UK news article publicised a long awaited Energy Standard… Read More

PUE is Still Relevant – It Just Needs a Consistent Methodology

Since the Green Grid first suggested it, PUE (power usage effectiveness)  has taken its place as the standard metric for data centre efficiency. PUE was developed to help make data centres more efficient, and a key industry benefit has been to bring the principles of energy efficiency to the discussion table.   The data centre… Read More

Intelligent Enclosures and the Physical Infrastructure Solution for Data Centres

Data centres are under pressure to increase their operational efficiencies, and ensure that the data centre is operating 24/7 without fail.  Without true transparency to actual data centre operations such as power consumption and cooling efficiency, data centre management are not prepared with the actionable information necessary to optimise energy efficiency, maximise capacity and protect… Read More

SMARTset environmental alarms save data centre from costly set point mistake

An IT infrastructure services provider has avoided considerable and unnecessary data centre costs thanks to 4energy SMARTset software. The software detected low temperatures in the client’s data centre and immediately notified managers by raising on-screen alarms and sending alarm emails. Once alerted to the issue, the managers were able to quickly rectify the cause of… Read More

4energy to launch SMARTset: connected energy and environmental software at DCW’16

4energy will be exhibiting at DCW’16 and will be showcasing SMARTset, the connected energy and environmental software that reduces the energy cost of operating your technical estate. SMARTset connects to any IP enabled device, data source or equipment with industrial protocols. With its customer modules including monitoring, control, reporting, scenario planning and analytics, it provides… Read More

Cardiff University Completes Energy Efficiency Upgrade High Performance (HPC) Data Centre

Comtec Enterprises provides Schneider Electric hardware and software data centre solution for major PUE improvements at leading UK University Cardiff University’s HPC data centre fulfils a number of disparate roles, from housing the servers that provide applications and storage for the university’s general IT needs through to hosting a high-performance computing cluster, called Raven. The… Read More

The Impact of Raising Data Centre Temperatures.

Raising IT inlet temperatures to improve data centre efficiency might not produce the desired outcome. To optimise energy usage, a holistic approach to temperature management is required taking into consideration all of the various cooling equipment deployed, ambient climate, the size of the load and the operation of the IT equipment itself. Despite an ongoing… Read More

Measurement and management are the tip of the iceberg when maximising data centre efficiency

IT is a mission-critical element of any modern business, which demands no compromise on availability or performance. It is also essential for any competitive organisation to be efficient within its operation. In the case of a data centre, an organisation must ensure that it is operating as close to 100 percent uptime while delivering all… Read More

Building an efficient data centre

Matthew Baynes, Enterprise Sales Director, Schneider Electric Energy efficiency has become a key consideration when designing and fitting out a data centre. Environmental concerns and corporate social responsibility may be two of the reasons for this, but the overriding driver is cost. Energy costs are cyclical and no matter how cheap they may appear to… Read More

Right-sizing UPS systems is the right way to achieve efficiency

The primary function of a UPS system is to guarantee the power supply to its load in the event of a loss or interruption to mains power. All other considerations are secondary. However, one trade off that must be taken seriously is the energy efficiency of the power system; with enough power supply and battery… Read More