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Edge Computing is Fuelling Innovation in the Micro Data Centre Space

According to the technology analyst ABI Research, one of the most significant Internet of Things (IoT) trends is the shifting balance from cloud computing to edge computing. The early days of the IoT were characterized by the critical role of cloud platforms supplying the intelligence to systems where devices were relatively unsophisticated. However, today a… Read More

Micro Data Center Xpress Range for Internet of Things, Hyperconverged & Edge Applications

High-strength designs and special packaging enable IT equipment to be pre-installed and shipped directly to customer sites IT vendors-certified solution with complete physical infrastructure and management software pre-installed and pretested simplifies and reduces deployment time Industry leading lead time of 2-3 weeks London, United Kingdom – March 15th, 2017 – Schneider Electric, the global specialist… Read More

Stellar Growth of Pokémon GO Highlights Need for Edge Data Centers

My 13-year-old daughter helped break a data center. I’m so proud. As one of millions of users relentlessly searching for Pokémon while using the new Pokémon GO game, I am giving my daughter some of the credit (blame?) for the server problems that, as of this writing, are giving users a less-than-fulfilling experience with the… Read More