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Why are the tech giants struggling to build their own driverless cars?

We may have just seen a major player in the drive towards autonomous cars apply screeching brakes. Apple has reportedly abandoned its plans to build its own self-driving electric vehicle and is instead going to focus on the underlying autonomous software. A similar initiative to produce a fully autonomous car by Google also appeared to… Read More

Proposed US and UK laws will entrench surveillance powers across the Atlantic

Legislation governing surveillance powers has appeared on both sides of the Atlantic: the draft Investigatory Powers bill has just been published in the UK while the US senate has voted through a proposed Cybesecurity Information Sharing Act. Following Edward Snowden’s revelations about the extent of government surveillance and communications interception, these proposed laws reflect the… Read More

Why we need to tackle the growing mountain of digital waste

We are very aware of waste in our lives today, from the culture of recycling to the email signatures that urge us not to print them off. But as more and more aspects of life become reliant on digital technology, have we stopped to consider the new potential avenues of waste that are being generated?… Read More

Shredding Vs Deleting: Are Your ‘Deleted’ Files Truly Gone?

Last year, our data recovery study found that 48 percent of second-hand hard drives contained data leftover from the previous user. What’s worse, 75 percent of those drives already had a deletion attempt made on them. So if the user had already attempted to delete the file, why was the data able to be recovered?… Read More

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