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A digital Free Trade Agreement for Africa

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) was signed into being on March 21st, 2018 in Kigali, where 44 African heads of state and governments met and agreed the binding commitment. The AfCFTA will come into effect after ratification by at least 22 countries. Each country has 120 days after signing the framework to ratify…. Read More

GDPR and what it will mean for companies outside the EU

The European Union (EU), via the EU Commission, has enacted two key regulations relating to Data processing; the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Network and Information Security Directive (NISD). While both came into force in April 2016, the NISD will be enforced from May 10th 2018. The GDPR, which will effectively replace the… Read More

Why Cloud platforms are the foundation for our personalized and fully integrated cloud experience

Here Dr Christian Michel discusses SAP’s cloud platform and its advantages. Agile personalization and quick extension of SAP’s on prem and cloud solutions are central use cases for cloud services on the SAP Cloud Platform. Fiori Cloud, for instance, brings modern, personalized and simple web user interfaces that smoothly extend our SaaS and on prem… Read More

Achieving full power of the cloud harmoniously

Pascal Giraud, Senior Director EMEA, Technology & Cloud Platform, Oracle Thanks to the cloud, technology is now completely at the service of business goals When it comes down to it, technology is quite simply a tool. Its sole function is to help businesses meet their operational goals. However, with traditional monolithic enterprise IT infrastructures, all… Read More

Cutting through the acronym: what cloud platforms can do for you

Dain Hansen, Director, Cloud Platform, Product Business Group @Dainsworld Business Leaders can only appreciate how cloud platforms will transform their businesses if they have an accurate definition. The downside of the blistering pace of modern technology innovation is that it gives rise to a bewildering array of acronyms and jargon. This challenge is nowhere more evident than… Read More

Why We Should Get Excited About PaaS

PaaS in Action Chris Chelliah, Group Vice President and Chief Architect, Core Technology and Cloud, Oracle Asia Pacific @chrischelliah PaaS is not just some esoteric, ‘techie’ subject – it’s going to change the world Type ‘Platform as a Service’ into Google and you’re met with a long list of technical explanations describing the technology and… Read More

IBM i – the story of how a good company becomes great

Digital transformation is necessary for all businesses, from small ones to global corporations, but looks different to each of them. Organizations that undergo a real digital transformation will reevaluate the way business is being conducted today. Changes will touch every function of your business. The challenge for business is to figure out how fast and… Read More

A reliable foundation for your IT environment – IBM Power Series

Physical servers are a fundamental element of extensive IT systems in which requirements are dependent upon the efficiency and specificity of operations (e.g. the transmission and exchange of data, design power and reliable operation). For this reason, the majority of proposals are all-purpose solutions – nevertheless, we can encounter equipment dedicated to specific purposes. In… Read More

Automation a critical part of your cloud strategy

Where there is IT, there is automation, and it affects everything including infrastructure, platforms and services. There’s no way to turn back the tide of “automate everything”, as it’s a process that helps to simplify the management of private, public and hybrid cloud environments. Piotr Kopeć, Cloud Engineer at Comarch ICT, shared his views and… Read More

Change the dynamics of your IT

Every company, regardless of its profile, tries to increase the competitiveness of its products and services. The systems that support company business units may be the source of competitive advantage. However, where do you get the funds for the appropriate IT resources? According to management experts, the solution worth considering is outsourcing, i.e. defining and… Read More

Best practices for effective and efficient vendor management

Long-term development in the business environment has become much more difficult to anticipate due to globalization, digital innovation, more demanding customers, shorter product life cycles, continuous pressure on costs, as well as social and ethical issues. In addition, vendors are finding that the world is rapidly changing as we move into the digital era. While… Read More

Comarch IT outsourcing services for Valeo Germany

The Valeo Group has 19 locations in Germany, with 8 production plants, several of offices, the logistic centre and research and development sites with over 4,700 end-users. The extended telecommunication network and server infrastructure is indispensable for the daily maintenance of Valeo employees’ business processes. It is managed daily by the Regional IT Infrastructure department… Read More

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