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Sports analytics: How data gives teams the edge
With every sprint, kick, tackle, pass and more now logged and analysed in real-time to give teams the tiniest advantage on the pitch, Riello UPS General Manager Leo Craig investigates how big data can make or break who claims sport’s most prestigious prizes Sports analytics isn’t a completely new phenomenon. While there were no Opta... Read More

3 reasons why Big Data Textual Analysis is the next step for businesses to drive their digital transformation

Proxem, pioneer in the domain of Big Data Text Analytics for businesses, unveiled its new SaaS text mining solution at Big Data World in London. During the event, Proxem spoke to a variety of companies about how Textual Big Data is still an underutilized resource by Data Scientists and Business Directors despite its various applications… Read More

Sci-fi scenario or reality? How can technologies shape the brand image and influence customers’ purchase decisions?

For retailers, the years to come will be characterized by a transformation process more extensive than ever before. The adjustment capability and pace of solutions addressing the latest trends faced by retail companies will have a huge influence not only on the retailers’ image, but also on their future. Now, questions arise if the anticipated… Read More

Machine Learning for Applications in Manufacturing

Modern manufacturing technology is starting to incorporate machine learning throughout the production process. Predictive algorithms are being used to plan machine maintenance adaptively rather than on a fixed schedule. Meanwhile, quality control is becoming more and more automated, with adaptive algorithms that learn to recognize correctly manufactured products and reject defects. In this post we… Read More

Open data flows: the lifeblood of trade

Over 300 years ago Edward Lloyd’s coffee house in London was a popular place for sailors, merchants and ship owners to meet. To keep customers coming back to his shop, Lloyd catered to them with reliable shipping news. Thus the reason the shipping industry community frequented his place was for information. This eventually led to… Read More

Big Data to Big Value

There continues to be an incredible amount of interest in the topic of Big Data. It has transcended from a trend to being simply part of the current IT lexicon. For some organizations, its use has already become an operational reality; providing unprecedented ability to store and analyze large volumes of disparate data that are… Read More

Artificial Intelligence: What’s Possible For Enterprises In 2017

The Short Answer Is “Lots,” But Don’t Let Your Hopes Get Too High Artificial intelligence is not new. It emerged as a computer science discipline in the ’50s and has been a persistent theme in science fiction. What is new now is that billions of dollars are flowing into AI startups and software development efforts… Read More

Big Data And Machine Learning Make Sci-Fi-Like App Experiences Possible Now

Don’t worry. you don’t need a Ph.D. in computer science to use machine learning in your apps. Application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals can use machine learning to make their apps a whole lot smarter by continuously adapting the user experience, predicting outcomes, and revealing new insights. And you don’t have to program machine-learning algorithms… Read More

Knowledge Management Optimisation – L’Oreal

With the right information and the right internal processes, companiessuccessfully increase operating margins and significantly reduce costs all the while improving business, supply chain, and team efficiency. Whether you are an e-commerce retailer, an industrial supplier, or a transportation service provider, find out how our customers optimize company processes and internal logistics by using DSS… Read More

Dataiku – Data Science Studio success story

You can’t have a smart marketing strategy without predicting the net profit attributed to the entire future relationship you’ll have with your customers. For this, you’ll need a real understanding of who your customers are, what they expect, and how you can measure their value. But pre-packaged customer intelligence solutions are often not optimized to… Read More

The NFL joins the data revolution in sports

In some potentially game-changing news for the way we understand professional football, the National Football League began the 2016 preseason by placing tracking sensors in its footballs for the first time. The chips are also in balls used in Thursday night games. Over the past decade, we’ve seen an explosion in data analytics in sports,… Read More

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