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Modular reasoning: why DC standardisation makes sense

Mon 14 Jan 2019

Data centre builds will increasingly comprise standardised, modular building blocks configured to address special power and thermal requirements

Much like snowflakes, no two data centres are identical. Although they may be home to similar IT equipment, the business needs of the owners and operators of the equipment along with legal requirements, financial considerations and business risk will often drive, if not dictate, certain key elements and properties of a data centre build. Hence the end build may be radically different despite close physical proximity and similar total power requirements.

However, there is growing interest in some form of standardisation for obvious reasons. If handled properly, standardisation can reduce equipment costs, shorten delivery and deployment timelines and simplify service and maintenance.

But never forget, the key tenet of the data centre industry is availability. If standardised equipment and design choices work in service of increasing availability, they will be considered. If customised approaches do more to prevent downtim….



Data Centre standardisation
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