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RagingWire announces Silicon Valley data centre

Fri 28 Dec 2018

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RagingWire has announced it has purchased land and begun development on a new data centre in Santa Clara, California

The facility, known as Silicon Valley 1 (SV1) will include 16 MW of power and span 160,000 square feet in total, with 64,000 square feet of data floor space including customizable data vaults, designed for hyperscale cloud companies and large enterprises.

To cope with the threat of earthquakes prevalent in Southern California, RagingWire has adopted a disaster prevention system used by its parent company, NTT, to construct data centres in Japan.

The NTT base isolation system is constructed of a series of underground seismic isolation and energy dissipation systems for maximum protection from natural disasters.

The base isolation system used by NTT in Japan helped to prevent their facility from any damage during the earthquake and tsunami that hit Tokyo in 2011. The same base isolation system will be used in the new RagingWire SV1 data centre.

In a recent article, RagingWire Director of Corporate Security Eddie Ankers noted that data centres face more threats to security than ever before, and reviewed best practices for data centre security, which will be incorporated at the SV1 facility.

Security provisions for SV1 will include biometric identification, high-definition intelligent video cameras, and reinforced gates and fences.

Silicon Valley, headquarters to some of the nation’s largest technology companies including Apple, Google and Facebook, is the second-largest U.S. data centre market after Ashburn, Virginia.

In Santa Clara, the heart of Silicon Valley, data centre space is in extraordinarily high demand, with a vacancy rate of less than 8 percent in the area. The 16 MW Silicon Valley data centre is expected to open in 2020, but RagingWire is already accepting first customer commitments and leases for SV1.

Doug Adams, president and CEO of RagingWire, said that the addition of a facility in Silicon Valley represents an important milestone for the company. “We now have data centre options in the top three data centre markets – Ashburn, Silicon Valley, and Dallas – plus land for build-to-suit data centres in Chicago, the #4 U.S. data centre market.”


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