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How the edge will drive data centre change in 2019

Tue 4 Dec 2018


Vertiv has released its top five data centre trends for 2019, and unsurprisingly it predicts edge computing to have the biggest impact 

Data centre solution provider Vertiv has shared its top five trends for the year ahead, predicting the edge of the network to be the epicentre of innovation in the data centre space.

Vertiv experts from around the globe all expect the sophistication of edge to be the biggest game-changer next year, as it continues to play a vital role in data centre and network operation, and in the delivery of important consumer services like 5G rollout.

Vertiv CEO Rob Johnson said the edge is a ‘dramatic and fundamental change to the way we think about computing and data management’.

“It should come as no surprise that activity in the data centre space in 2019 will be focused squarely on innovation at the edge,” he said.

Simplifying the edge

As has been long documented, the edge is converging with broader industry and consumer trends, such as IoT and the increasing rollout out of 5G networks, to bring low-latency compute closer to the end-user at the end of the network. US telco Verizon is leading the 5G rage, having launched the first commercial 5G network in the US earlier this year.

There is something to the argument that the edge drum has been banged ad nauseum in 2018 (it’s a topic that we at The Stack have comprehensively covered), but no matter which way you slice it, the reality is that for many businesses the edge has become the most mission-critical part of their digital ecosystem.

Looking forward, Vertiv says the combination of intelligent infrastructure systems and cloud-based analytics are fundamentally changing the way we think about edge computing and edge services.

It says the result of this marriage will be a more robust, efficient edge, with enhanced visibility and self-healing capabilities requiring limited active management.

“Virtually every aspect of business and society is starting to rely on edge computing to improve quality of life and become more connected and competitive. For our customers – and their customers – continuity of compute and service is crucial,” said John Hewitt, president of Vertiv in the Americas,” said John Hewitt, president of Vertiv in the Americas.

“Innovation in the edge space means addressing availability challenges with quickly deployed, scalable infrastructure; intelligent, remotely managed solutions; and lifecycle services that make edge compute sustainable for IT resources that are already stretching to meet SLAs.”


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