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HPE brings AI cloud management direct to data centre servers

Mon 19 Nov 2018

HPE has announced that InfoSight – its cloud-based AI management tool – is being extended to HPE ProLiant Servers, Synergy compute modules, and Apollo systems

How to manage an increasingly complex hybrid environment? Well, like most other IT challenges, a combination of sensors and AI analytics is proving capable of handling the challenge, as HPE pushes its InfoSight AI technology to data centre servers.

HPE Infosight analyses millions of sensors across a global installed base and gathers operational intelligence, providing trend insights, forecasting and recommendations, to predict and prevent problems.

HPE customers will soon be able to use InfoSight to constantly monitor data centre infrastructure, identify performance gaps, and leverage analytics to quickly resolve performance issues avoid downtime.

Whether on or off premises, the servers will combine to create a “single AI-driven framework” that monitors and collects data centre intelligence.

HPE says InfoSight has enabled customers to decrease operational costs by up to 79%, resolve trouble tickets in 85% less time, and predict and resolve 86% of issues before a problem is identified.

As well as notifying IT managers of part failures, InfoSight alerts managers to security threats such as rogue logic attempts, and is fully integrated with HPE’s OneView DCIM.

“Our customers want to unlock the value of digital transformation faster than ever before. This requires evolving their data centres to deliver a hybrid cloud environment that is automated, self-healing and addresses issues in real-time – so IT staff can focus on driving transformation, rather than managing hardware downtime and policy exceptions,” said Justin Hotard, General Manager, Hybrid IT Volume Global Business Unit, HPE.

“We are helping customers improve the productivity and performance of their operations and free their staff to drive innovation from edge to cloud.”

HPE InfoSight will be available worldwide for HPE ProLiant servers, HPE Synergy compute modules and HPE Apollo systems in January 2019.


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