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Lenovo partner with Scale to provide edge solution for retail

Thu 18 Oct 2018

Tech giant Lenovo and edge solutions provider Scale Computing have partnered to create a new edge infrastructure solution for retailers, distributed enterprises, and SMBs.

Edge computing is poised to explode this year and take the data processing strain off core infrastructure. Processing at the edge reduces the need for compute to travel from geographically dispersed locations to the core, delivering huge latency and bandwidth gains essential to supporting life-critical applications such as driverless cars and drones.

Scale Computing’s HC3 Edge Platform will run off Lenovo servers to replace traditional complex and expensive on-premise infrastructure with one optimised for edge environments, where application uptime is critical and resources are limited.

Lenovo and Scale say their solution is a perfect match for highly-distributed, on-premise environments, such as retail stores or bank branches, where there is limited time to spend deploying and managing edge infrastructure, and a need to colocate traditional and IoT applications.

The product is already being deployed by Ahold Delhaize, a Netherlands-based international food retail group. 800 stores in Belgium have been integrated with more planned in 2019.

Rolf Vanden Eynde, Head of Infrastructure Innovation at Ahold Delhaize, said that edge computing has a critical role to play in enhancing customer service.

“The Scale Computing HC3 software, in combination with Lenovo servers and switches, delivered the stability, support, and simplicity we needed,” he added.

Wilfredo Sotolongo, Vice President and General Manager of IoT at Lenovo Data Center Group, said the market for edge solutions is growing rapidly and that Lenovo and Scale’s solution ‘allows companies to focus more on growing their business and serving their customers’.

“In today’s global economy, businesses, and governments are instrumenting the edge with ever greater intelligence, so the desire for reliable, scalable and agile edge infrastructure solutions continues to grow,” he said.

“Together with Scale Computing, Lenovo is addressing this market by providing edge infrastructure that has the capacity to run various IT and OT workloads, is space conscious and can be managed at each individual location by generalists.”

This week Joshua Au, Head of Data Centre for A*STAR, talked to The Stack about the future of edge computing.


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