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Leaked document reveals exact locations of Amazon data centres

Fri 12 Oct 2018

Wikileaks, the controversial publisher of highly classified information, has published a secret Amazon internal document that lists the addresses and operational details of over one hundred of the cloud provider’s data centres. The leak was published alongside a map detailing the exact location of the centres.

Recent market research shows that Amazon owns and operates 34% of the world’s cloud infrastructure yet little is known about the exact locations their data centres.

The cloud provider buries the locations of its data centres in government records and does not make their general locations known to the public. The report claims this is primarily due to security concerns, as the firm is the leading cloud provider for US intelligence services.

In 2013 details of a $600 million contract between the firm and the CIA surfaced, revealing that Amazon had agreed to operate a cloud purpose-built for classified information.

Four years later the initiative expanded under “AWS Secret Region”, broadening the range of government agencies serviced.

Amazon is also rumoured to be among the forerunners for a $10 billion contract to build a new private cloud for US Department of Defense. Bids open this week with Amazon in competition with IBM and Oracle.

According to the 20-page leak, titled “AmazonAtlasv1”, Amazon ensures geographical secrecy by covertly operating data centres owned by other companies, and by running its own data centres under subsidiaries such as VaData, Inc. with few explicit ties to the firm.

The document states that at Amazon’s IAD77 data centre ‘Amazon is known as ‘Vandalay Industries’ on badges and all correspondence with building managers’.

It also reveals that some of the data centres where Amazon is based are owned by leading data centre providers Equinix and Cyrus One.

A note for data centre IAD2 reads ‘do not ship directly to this location without emailing iad-management. Exceptions are made under certain circumstances for DWDM. Tracking numbers need to be provided prior to the equipment showing up, or else Equinix WILL reject the shipment’.


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