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Huawei latest vendor on board with Open Compute Project

Thu 4 Oct 2018

Chinese hardware giant Huawei has announced its membership of the OCP (Open Compute Project), joining as a platinum $40,000-per-year member. The announcement was made at OCP’s first ever summit, in Amsterdam.

The firm’s membership is the latest string in the bow of the open source initiative. At the same summit in Amsterdam, Huawei’s rival Inspur, and the third largest server provider in the world, launched a range of OCP compliant hyperscale rack servers for the global market. Huawei joins Inspur to become the fifth company to join OCP.

The OCP initiative puts users first by publicly publishing their specifications so that a wide range of vendors can compete to meet their demands. The specs that are publicly available range from servers to network switches.

In addition to giving suppliers’ products a stamp of approval, joining the initiative affords vendors committee seats, voting rights and opportunities to contribute to specs and designs themselves.

If open and efficient cloud hardware is to be adopted globally, more flagship members need to follow suit. Thankfully there are plenty of signs that the initiative is on the rise. AT&T, the worlds largest telco, also announced in Amsterdam that it is contributing to the project. AT&T will fit tens of thousands of cell towers with OCP compliant gateway routers over the next few years.

CTO of OCP, Bill Carter celebrated the announcement. “Huawei will play an important role in the adoption of open and efficient cloud hardware around the globe, and can help us build a collaborative community across China,” he said.

According to Qiu Long, President of Huawei’s Intelligent Computing Product Line, the firm’s products will meet the challenges of deployment, management, and energy efficiency that are increasingly troubling users.

“Huawei’s intelligent computing products, which incorporate Huawei’s chip, acceleration components and intelligent management, together with innovative optimized system design, can deliver end-to-end solutions which significantly improves the rollout and operation efficiency of data centres and edge computing architectures,” he said.


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