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Google to spend $140mn expanding Latin America data centre

Tue 18 Sep 2018

Google has announced plans to spend $140 million expanding its only Latin American data centre.

Located in Chile, Google is tripling the size of the data centre as well as employing 1,000 people to aid construction.

The data centre in Quilicura located near Santiago was announced in 2012 and cost $150 million to build, becoming fully operational in 2015.

Known as one of the most environmentally friendly and efficient data centres in Latin America, the centre runs entirely on solar power from Chile’s Atacama region.

Due to the amount of local forestation and green energy availability, Google chose to expand the data centre.

Google’s facility will be expanded to 27.7 acres and will offer 120 new permanent jobs.

Edgardo Frias, Google’s general manager in Chile, spoke positively of the expansion, saying: “This new stage reinforces the promise Google made to the region to ensure that large and small companies, non-profit organizations, students, educators and all users can access key tools in a reliable and rapid way.”

Chile’s President Sebastian Pinera attended the event and also spoke of the positive benefits that the expansion would bring. “What we have to decide is which side are we going to be on: where the new works of the future are created, or where the old works of the past are destroyed.”

Argentina and Chile have recently been battling over the interest from Amazon.com for investment. Google’s choice to pick Chile is thanks in part to the ‘favourable climate for foreign direct investment, a clear regulatory framework, and a good supply of renewable energy resources.’

Google’s Los Angeles data centres are directly linked to Chile through a subsea cable which has enabled Chilean customers to obtain services readily available in the US.


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