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Salim Group and Keppel Corporation plan new data centre in Indonesia

Tue 11 Sep 2018

Keppel Group and the Salim Group have revealed plans to operate a high-availability data centre in Bogor.

The data centre will be overseen by both companies through the Alpha Data Centre Fund (Alpha DC Fund) and will be managed by Alpha Investment Partners Limited and Keppel Data Centres Holding Pte Ltd.

Wong Wai Meng, CEO of Keppel Data Centres said, “As the owner and operator of high-availability data centres across Asia Pacific and Europe, Keppel Data Centres has established a reputation as a trusted solutions provider among its blue-chip customers.”

The 60:40 venture named IndoKeppel Data Centre 1 (IKDC 1) will be located 35km from Jakarta.

The centre will take three phases and will be approximately 105,300 sq ft and will be to Tier 3 standards for power and cooling.

IDKC 1 will be built on 3 hectares of land which will be a part of a larger 7 hectares data centre campus.

Keppel said that the development will cater to growing demand for quality data centre space in Indonesia.

Salim Group, which already owns a data centre in Indonesia which serves financial institutions and enterprises, noted: “The Salim Group is one of Indonesia’s biggest conglomerates with many diversified assets ranging from food, banking and telecommunications.”

Sugiharto Darmakusuma, Director of Salim Group, commented, “For the past decade, the group has been keen on preparing and expanding its Salim Digital Ecosystem to support the nation’s transformation to Industry 4.0. It’s here.”

Darmakusuma spoke of Salim Group’s progress in enhancing fibre connectivity and praised the success of Salim Group’s submarine optics cables which from Java to Bali.

“With our extensive fibre optic connectivity throughout Indonesia and Keppel Data Centres’ presence across the globe, we believe that we have met a perfect match to take part in the smart industry revolution.”

CEO of Alpha Investment Partners observed that the Indonesian population of over 260 million creates a large base of internet users in the region.

The first stage of development will be finished in early 2020.


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