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EPIQ announces new Swiss data centre

Tue 28 Aug 2018

EPIQ, the global legal services corporation, has announced the opening of a new data center in Zurich, Switzerland.

The new data center is a colocation facility, intended to provide secure local hosting for clients of EPIQ, along with disaster recovery and backup services at a second location, also located in Switzerland.

In-country data storage is becoming a global concern, as more countries investigate implementing regulations to mandate local storage of corporate data. These regulations have already taken effect in China, and are proposed in India, while companies in the EU are wrestling with GDPR requirements.

Creating in-country data centers, with in-country backups, allows firms to address these issues in advance while maintaining control of data management and security.

The EPIQ facility in Zurich was designed to Tier IV standards from the Uptime Institute, meeting expectations for high-performance connectivity, energy efficiency, and security protocols.

The data center also complies with ISAE 3402 International standards for financial reporting; as well as FINMA, Switzerland’s independent regulator of financial markets.

The addition of an in-country data center allows clients of the firm to store data within Swiss borders, providing higher levels of control and security for sensitive financial, corporate, and personal data.

Simon Hill, managing director for EPIQ Europe, noted that a local data center will afford clients more options on how they prefer to manage their data. “While our mobile solutions allow us to also work on-site at a client’s office, a data centre is often the preferred solution as it provides cost and time efficiencies with an enhanced level of security.”

EPIQ offers a full range of legal and business services including data management and security, encompassing 24/7/365 endpoint security monitoring, regular testing, and a comprehensive SEIM deployment protecting the infrastructure from attack.

EPIQ currently has locations throughout North America, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, and Asia. Earlier this year, the company acquired Soliton Systems to expand its eDiscovery business in Japan.


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