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Interxion announces direct connectivity to Google Cloud

Tue 14 Aug 2018

Interxion, a leading data center colocation company with 45 locations across Europe, has announced that the company now supports Google Cloud Platform Interconnect points of presence (PoPs), in Paris, Marseille, Frankfurt, and Stockholm.

Clients may now access the Google Cloud Platform using Interxion’s multi-cloud interconnection platform, Cloud Connect. With the new Google Cloud PoPs, clients can connect directly to the Google Cloud Platform; and using Cloud Connect, customers have fully redundant, real-time connectivity to the GCP from any Interxion data center location.

Interxion was recently made a member of the Google Partner Interconnect program, a system of global cloud service and data center providers that have been validated and certified by Google.

Google Cloud project manager John Veizades noted that the Interconnect program gives GCP customers a variety of choices for managing cloud applications and environments. “Together with Interxion,” he said, “we are making it easier for customers to extend their on-premises infrastructure to the Google Cloud.”

Vincent in’t Veld, Interxion Vice President of platforms, said that he has witnessed a strong customer demand for private connectivity to the Google Cloud Platform. “By colocating at Interxion, businesses can interconnect their private cloud to Google Cloud, as well as to most other leading cloud platforms, making it easy to build hybrid or multi-cloud architectures.”

Interxion is adding GCP connectivity to Cloud Connect services, joining Azure, AWS, Oracle and IBM Cloud.

The data center colocation company recently released second quarter earnings, reporting a 15% revenue increase over the same period in 2017, and 4% over Q1 2018. The company has announced new facilities in Amsterdam and Frankfurt, adding over 19,000 square meters of new usable space; as well as its intention to open a new data center in London and a new completed phase in Vienna during Q3.

The company stated that of the new space to be added through 2019, 50% is currently presold. The company also improved cash flow to support new facilities and the expansion of existing facilities, by refinancing €875 million of secured debt and establishing a new €200 million unsecured revolving credit facility.


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