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Prism Power – your partner in power: video

Mon 23 Jul 2018

Prism Power is a family business that services the data centre industry with bespoke and standard critical power solutions. Its engineers have a wealth of experience in this area, and they seek to be more than just a supplier to their customers

The motto at Prism Power is ‘Your Partner in Power.’ They take each case and look to understand what is best for the customer, and how they can deliver the solution, on time and on budget, every time.

Based in Watford, within the boundaries of the M25, the company is uniquely well placed to solve power and critical systems problems, both nationally and internationally.

“We manufacture bespoke and standard products to fit all applications,” says Keith Hall, Prism Power’s founder and managing director. “However, we’re much more than that. We have a critical systems business, which encompasses switchgear, generation, and UPS. And even that goes further -we’ve built complete data centres, here and around the world.”

The Prism Power Way

Beyond the technology and the products, there is one key thread that runs through everything it does: service. Too many organisations squeeze customers for as much as they possibly can, sometimes to their detriment. While every company needs to make money, Prism Power understands that ultimately, doing what is right for the customer is also what’s right for them.

Meet the team behind one of the industry’s most well-established and well-respected critical systems providers. These managers, engineers and experts will explain how and why they ensure their customers get what they need every time.


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