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STT data centres partnering with SGIX to improve connectivity

Thu 19 Jul 2018

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STT Global Data Centers (STT GDC) is partnering with SGIX to improve internet connectivity in Singapore.

The companies have agreed to launch an SGIX point-of-presence (PoP) at the STT colocation data center Tai Seng 1. This PoP will extend SGIX’s service coverage, improving connectivity and reducing operating costs for SGIX partners.

SGIX is the largest non-profit internet exchange in Singapore, operating as a distributed peering network with a presence in major data centers throughout the country. The company currently has locations at data centers operated by Global Switch, Keppel, Digital Realty, and Equinix, among others.

Tai Seng 1 is located in eastern Singapore, with metro links to STT GDC’s six other data centers in Singapore, as well as links to submarine cables for APAC regional connectivity. Tai Seng 1 was built to offer partners the opportunity to manage data traffic through direct exchange, without the need to route through international carriers.

The addition of a PoP in the Tai Seng 1 data center will provide SGIX partners with improved traffic routing and infrastructure, while helping to control costs of service.

Chris Street, Group Chief Marketing Officer of STT GDC, added that the partnership will provide a competitive advantage to enterprises by improving the infrastructure available for cutting-edge technologies. “Efficient and reliable network connectivity is now a vital business driver,” he said, adding, “The advent of latest technologies like Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) further escalates the critical need for reliable and efficient data flows.”

The STT GDC Tai Seng 1 facility was selected earlier this year to host the Australia Singapore Cable (ASC), cementing the location as an interconnection hub for the APAC region. Upon completion, the ASC will link Singapore to Perth, via Indonesia, providing interconnectivity from Australia, to Singapore, to Southeast Asia for improved service and reliability.

With improved interconnectivity, and a partnership with STT GDC, SGIX is looking to build infrastructure for an efficient traffic exchange network in Singapore, improving customer satisfaction and representing an attractive opportunity for international investors.


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