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Equinix completes integration of Verizon data centres

Thu 19 Jul 2018


Equinix has finished the integration of Terremark Federal Group (TFG) into its government portfolio, marking the end of its integration of 29 Verizon data centres.

TFG, which was acquired by Verizon in 2011, is a specialist in government interconnection and cloud services. Equinix has now incorporated it into its Government Solutions division as part of its acquisition of Verizon data centres.

TFG facilities are designed specifically for U.S. Federal Government needs, meaning Equinix now has a further tool in its arsenal to deliver interconnection and data centre services to various government agencies.

The advantage for these agencies, Equinix says, is that by using its International Business Exchange (IBX) sites, they are able to scale their connectivity to various other parties, in order to exchange data at the edge.

Equinix and telco

Karl Strohmeyer, Equinix President, said: “The assets and expertise acquired through our transaction with Verizon now firmly position Equinix as a leader in providing innovative and strategic solutions for the unique needs of the Federal ecosystem.

“This integration is a win for existing and future Federal customers who can now leverage our global platform for connectivity to the government cloud within a secure environment.”

Adelaide O’Brien, Research Director at IDC Government Insights commented on the importance of secure connection for government work. “Secure interconnection and data centre solutions are critical to the federal government’s need for secure access to data, and the ability to design and test key capabilities such as machine learning on data—prior to deploying within the agency.

“That Equinix is in compliance with FISMA High, and is undergoing FedRAMP certification, are additional benefits for agencies seeking to limit their risk management posture.”

The acquisition brings across 33 TFG staff to its new owners, all of whom have government security clearance. With TFG services now working out of IBX data centres, government agencies will be able to connect more easily to major cloud organisations like AWS, Azure and IBM Cloud.

Equinix has an ongoing relationship with telcos like Verizon, as well as government agencies. It recently named AT&T as its Americas partner of the year, shortly before it was revealed that AT&T had been working with the NSA on a huge spying initiative. The Stack has contacted the firm to ask about its relationship with AT&T but has not yet received any response.


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