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Dell unveils modular data center products for AI workloads

Wed 2 May 2018

Dell AI

Dell Technologies, at the Dell Technologies World Conference in Las Vegas, rolled out a new line of modular data center products, focused on workloads involving AI, machine learning, and big data.

The company unveiled Dell EMC PowerMax storage systems, engineered with end-to-end NVMe all-flash arrays and a built-in machine learning engine. The PowerMax has a capacity of 10M IOPS and is, according to Dell, twice as fast as its nearest competitor, suitable for Storage-Class Memory (SCM) and NVMe over fabrics.

The machine-learning engine uses predictive analytics and pattern recognition to maximize workloads independently, and the PowerMax enhanced compression provides up to 5:1 data reduction, allowing for even faster processing capabilities.

Jeff Clarke, vice chairman of Products and Operations for Dell, noted that the data center is one area where clients can gain a competitive advantage by improving their infrastructure. “Dell EMC is delivering the Modern Data Center innovations that our customers require, with new solutions that are engineered using future-proof technology to take on the data center challenges of today and to support the next big thing that our customers are imagining for tomorrow.”

Dell also introduced expanded options for the VxBlock system, and updates to the XtremIO X2 All-Flash arrays, which have been re-engineered for efficient WAN replication of data. The new XtremIO forwards unique data only, eliminating duplication and, according to Dell, minimizing bandwidth requirements by 75% or more.

A preview was offered of the PowerEdge MX modular data center infrastructure, although it is not yet commercially available. The PowerEdgeMX uses kinetic infrastructure for flexible configuration within the data center, intended to help clients manage emerging workloads.

The new PowerEdge products include two four-socket servers, using Intel Xeon processors and up to 6TB of memory to accelerate data analytics and provide secure processing for business-critical applications.

PowerMax and VxBlock with XtremIO X2 are available immediately, while the VxBlock System 1000 with PowerMax support is expected to be released this summer. The PowerEdge MX servers will be commercially available in Q3 or 4 2018.


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