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Power continuity for smart data centres & Industry 4.0

Mon 9 Apr 2018 | Leo Craig

It’s one of the most exciting challenges – and opportunities – that data centre managers face. The unrelenting rise of Industry 4.0 and the untapped potential of the ‘Internet of Things’, ‘Big Data’, and everything ‘Smart’.

Increased automation and data exchange promise to drive forward huge advances in products, processes, and supply chains. But it’ll also lead to massively increased demands on the already rapidly expanding data centre sector.

Experts claim that data will double in size every two years, while the NRDC predicts total data centre energy consumption will rise to 140 billion kilowatt-hours by 2020, the equivalent of 50 power plants.

The world’s future reliance on greater digital interconnectivity means a robust and consistent electrical power supply will become more important even than it is today.

In this whitepaper, leading power protection specialist Riello UPS outlines how the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) sector is well-prepared to help data centres fulfil their increasingly vital role in the fourth industrial revolution.

Riello UPS: Power Continuity For Industry 4.0 gives you an overview into how modern UPS units will assist your transition to a smart data centre:

  • UPS for Smart Production – how UPS systems offer two-way flexible connectivity; the rise of modular UPS units that enable data centres to scale-up and “pay as they grow”
  • UPS for Smart Services – preventive maintenance and how UPS monitoring can enhance overall system predictability and resilience
  • UPS for Smart Energy – advances in UPS energy efficiency; using UPS batteries to store power and tap into smart grids; how a UPS will provide a clean, consistent power supply

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riello300This whitepaper is part of a series from Riello UPS and The Stack, covering everything you need to know about the UPS in the modern data centre.

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