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Urbacon breaks ground on Ontario data centre

Thu 5 Apr 2018

Urbacon Data Center Solutions, the Montreal-based data centre design, construction, and maintenance company, has broken ground on a new data centre facility in Ontario.

The facility, known as DC2, is the second of five planned for the Barker Digital Campus in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

DC2 is expected to be operational by the end of this year, and has already begun pre-leasing space to customers. When completed, it will offer 95,000 square feet of space and 16 megawatts of power.

The facility will be constructed with a 2N redundancy design, for highly reliable, uninterrupted power supply. It is expected to have an annual Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.2, which, combined with the ability to harness the chilly Canadian winters to supplement cooling systems, offers tenants significant savings in power and cooling systems.

Marco Mancini, Urbacon Data Center Solutions CEO, noted that the new data centre will offer additional capacity for current customers, as well as options for new clients in the fast-growing Toronto market.

“The Barker Digital Campus DC2 facility continues our mission of providing leading-edge data centre solutions with the power, connectivity, security and efficiency to exceed the expectations of our clients,” he said.

Toronto is not only the largest city in Canada, it is also the largest data centre market, home to the stock exchange, financial and educational institutions, and a variety of telecommunications and technology companies requiring data storage space and services.

In January, Urbacon entered a joint venture with Summit Industrial Income REIT. Summit purchased a 50% share in DC1, Urbacon’s first facility at the Barker Digital Campus. Summit also acquired half of Urbacon’s construction debt for DC1, and loaned the company $12 million (approx. £8.5 million) to buy out existing partners as well as an additional $11.4 million to fund future projects. In exchange, Summit has the exclusive right to participate in Urbacon’s future data centre projects.

The DC2 data centre in Richmond Hill will be the fifth interconnected data centre facility for Urbacon in Canada, joining the DC1 facility in Richmond Hill, as well as locations in Montreal, downtown Toronto, and Sault Ste. Marie.


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