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The jewel in the crown of UPS maintenance – Riello UPS Diamond

Wed 21 Mar 2018 | Leo Craig

With more than 30 years’ experience in the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) sector, Leo Craig knows just how crucial trusted technical support is to keep data centres, factories, transport infrastructure, and vital public services across the country up and running.

But he’s only too aware that many of the heady power protection promises made by some maintenance providers don’t always live up to their lofty expectations.

Which is why the Riello UPS General Manager is proving actions speak louder than words by launching a ground-breaking new guarantee which puts the customer firmly in control and is set to provide some much-needed shock-therapy to the entire industry.

According to Centrica’s 2017 ‘UK Resilience Report’, an astonishing 81% of businesses have experienced at least one power-related failure in the past year. Nearly half of all IT failures are caused by voltage disturbances, whether that’s relatively minor spikes, sags, and surges, or more critical power outages. And with even the most conservative estimates suggesting that damaging downtime costs at least £5,000 per minute, such failures all add up to an enormous overall impact in terms of profitability, productivity, and reputation at a time when demands for resilient power supplies have never been greater.

It’s clear a reliable and robust uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is your business’s first and best defence against such downtime – the ultimate insurance policy that reduces the risk of going offline in the first place, and when the worst does happen, helps get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

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UPS systems are incredibly complex pieces of equipment providing your business with essential ongoing power protection. But as with any item of high-tech machinery, how well it is maintained will impact on reliability, performance, and its eventual lifespan. And no piece of electrical equipment is ever infallible – a UPS is likely to break down eventually.

Whereas a UPS is a data centre’s must-have insurance policy, having a sturdy maintenance agreement for the UPS itself should be seen in a similar light, something that gives you long-lasting peace of mind.

Premium power protection deserves premium customer care

Far too many times we currently see providers putting their own needs before those of their customers

A UPS system is a premium product, whether it’s helping power desktop PCs in a home office, the most advanced supercomputers in huge data centres, or state-of-the-art machinery in modern manufacturing factories.

Customers deserve similarly premium levels of aftercare too: clear emergency response times; speedy access to spare parts; technical support from fully-trained and certified engineers; regular Preventative Maintenance Visits (PMVs) at least once a year to optimise system performance; and remote monitoring to proactively identify and solve problems before they ever become critical.

This vital support should be taken as a given. But far too many times we currently see providers putting their own needs before those of their customers. Maintenance contracts riddled with get-out clauses, full of “ifs and buts”, with little clarity as to what they really mean.

The Riello team is dedicated to delivering a unique UPS maintenance plan

The Riello team is dedicated to delivering a unique UPS maintenance plan

When the worst occurs and your system goes down, you need to know just how long it’ll take to get the power back on. Emergency response times are crucial, but does what you’re being promised live up to expectations? What even constitutes a “response”? Most providers pledge a four-hour response time at best, on the face of it exactly the rapid reaction you need. But is that simply an automated message acknowledging the issue, a phone call offering technical support, or a certified engineer on-site working to repair the fault? Do you even know?

And if you do receive a rapid response, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the problem fixed just as quickly. You could still be left waiting for days for a solution – think of all that damaging potential downtime.

When maintenance providers don’t live up to their promises, they should be forced to face the consequences. But on too many occasions there simply aren’t any. Customers are tied in to restrictive contracts with 90-day notice periods and have very few options in terms of recourse.

UPS control panel

Riello UPS: Doing things differently

There is another way of doing things though. A better way. A forward-thinking approach where control is placed firmly in the hands of the customer. Over more than three decades, Riello UPS has built a hard-earned reputation as one of the UK’s leading UPS suppliers.

Emergency response times are guaranteed as part of our SLAs and customers can choose from 12 or 8 working hours, right down to same day 4 clock hours

Our product range covers UPS hardware and software suitable for all environments and load requirements, from 400VA through to 6.4MVA, manufactured using the most innovative and energy efficient technology. All this is backed up by dedicated support and aftercare from an in-house technical team who bring a wealth of industry experience and expertise.

Maintenance plans aren’t one size fits all contracts, we tailor them to the specific needs of each customer. We are upfront and honest about what’s covered – and what isn’t – and our service level agreements (SLAs) are fair, transparent, and have meaning. When you sign on the dotted line you need to be certain about exactly what you’ll get.

Emergency response times are guaranteed as part of our SLAs and customers can choose from 12 or 8 working hours, right down to same day 4 clock hours for the most urgent situations that demand the speediest solution.

Riello UPS Diamond – our guarantee to get you back online (quicker than ever)

Which leads us to our latest offering: Riello UPS Diamond. A new benchmark for UPS maintenance in the UK and our clearest commitment yet to putting the customer first.

And just as the excellence of the precious gemstone is assessed using the universal ‘4 Cs of quality’, our industry-leading new maintenance package is built on 4 key principles:

Clarity: 100% guaranteed response and fix times, no hidden charges

Custom: bespoke support tailored to the customer’s needs

Competence: all engineers are fully-trained and certified

Coverage: 24/7 availability, nationwide stock of spare parts, thermal imaging, replacement fans, remote monitoring

With our Diamond maintenance plan, not only do we guarantee a four-hour response time from a certified engineer on-site 24/7, 7 days a week. We also commit to a guaranteed fix within a further eight hours – a completely unique service.

And if we don’t stick to that promise there’s a price to pay… But only by us! If we fail to meet our targets, we’ll face financial penalties that benefit the customer.

However, we’re supremely confident we’ve got the capability to make sure our actions do indeed live up to our bold words.

We understand just how important it is for customers to know the engineers installing, servicing, or repairing their UPS units are fully-trained and competent

Our entire technical support team are based here in the UK and are just a phone call away around the clock for immediate assistance. Unlike other manufacturers, Riello UPS stocks multimillion pounds worth of stock, spare parts, and components at our UK headquarters and in several strategically-placed warehouses throughout the country. So when disaster strikes, wherever you are based, we can dispatch replacement parts or even full UPS systems to reach your site within 24 hours – in many cases on the same day or within a few hours of a fault first being reported.

We understand just how important it is for customers to know the engineers installing, servicing, or repairing their UPS units are fully-trained and competent. That’s why we introduced our own Certified Engineer training programme for both in-house technicians and engineers from authorised UPS resellers, so you can be sure they’re 100% up to the task.

Going above and beyond like this isn’t the exception with Riello UPS, it’s the rule. Cutting-edge thermal imaging technology is used as standard during annual Preventative Maintenance Visits (PMVs), a modern technique that identifies “hotspots” virtually impossible for the human eye to detect. Replacement fans, one of the UPS consumables that needs changing most over time, are included in Riello UPS maintenance plans, unlike virtually all other providers.

Customers can also choose to benefit from our cloud-based remote monitoring service Riello Connect, where they and our maintenance team can study performance data remotely and pick up potential glitches before they have the chance to develop into something far more serious.

It’s commitment to excellence and added value such as this that you should be demanding from your UPS maintenance supplier. You are entrusting them with one of your business’s most critical assets and deserve the reassurance that they are doing everything they can to keep your power protected at all times.

DCWRiello will be revealing the full details about our unique new Riello UPS Diamond maintenance plan at the 10th anniversary staging of Data Centre World at London ExCel on 21-22 March. We can’t wait to talk data centre managers, engineers, and IT professionals through our pioneering new offering and would urge anyone attending the event to visit our stand (D420) and find out more.

And for those unable to make the show, keep an eye on www.riello-ups.co.uk for all the latest updates about our exciting new service.

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