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Unveiling the future of UPS maintenance plans

Mon 19 Mar 2018 | Leo Craig

When you’re working out where to spend money to improve your business it can be difficult to see the benefit of certain products. With a UPS, that is not the case. In order to hit its targets and bring in revenue, a business has to be as efficient as possible.

Downtime is the enemy of this efficiency, with studies finding that downtime can cost businesses at least £5000 every minute – the equivalent of a truly eye-watering £7.2 million a day. A UPS will protect against this downtime, making it invaluable to your business. A maintenance plan for your UPS then, must be seen as equally critical.

For Leo Craig, general manager at Riello UPS, the importance of a good system of technical support has been made completely clear over the course of a 30-year career in the industry. He’s seen good technical support save data centres, factories and public services in that time.

Unfortunately, he’s also seen the damage that can be caused by support plans that are all bark and no bite. A plan that offers more than it can deliver can very easily come back and cost a customer dearly.

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Riello UPS Diamond – the ‘four Cs’ of quality

This is where the Riello UPS Diamond maintenance plan delivers. Providing a new benchmark for UPS maintenance plans, with a guaranteed four-hour response time from a certified engineer on-site 24/7, and a guaranteed fix within a further eight hours – something completely unique in the industry.

There is an understanding at Riello UPS that the most important thing about support from a supplier is putting the customer in control. When they’re sure what they’re getting, and aren’t at the whim of contract clauses that gets the supplier out of their responsibilities, they can focus on getting their own jobs done.

That’s what the team at Riello, led by Craig, is doing with the Diamond maintenance plan. They’re putting the customer firmly back in the driving seat, and if it shakes up the UPS industry, then so be it.

Just like real diamonds, which are assessed using the ‘four C’ system, Riello UPS Diamond will cover the ‘four Cs’ that are most important for putting the customer in control and giving them the support they need, when they need it.

Clarity: 100% guaranteed response and fix times, no hidden charges

Custom: bespoke support tailored to the customer’s needs

Competence: all engineers are fully-trained and certified

Coverage: 24/7 availability, nationwide stock of spare parts, thermal imaging, replacement fans, remote monitoring

Riello is putting its money where its mouth is. If their maintenance guarantee isn’t met, there will be financial penalties that benefit the customer

What this means for you

Hitting these unique response times of four hours for an engineer and a further eight for a fix may sound like a guarantee that can’t be met – as UPS customers have had to put up with for too long.

But Riello is putting its money where its mouth is. If that promise isn’t met, there will be financial penalties that benefit the customer. The team at Riello has total confidence that they’ve got the ability to follow up on their promises.

Part of the reason for that is that the entire technical team is based here in the UK, and are just a phone call away. With millions of pounds worth of stock, spare parts and components at the company headquarters and in strategically placed warehouses round the country, Riello technical support is uniquely placed to get parts or even a whole new UPS system out to you – within hours of the fault being reported.

The engineers that come to fix, install, service or repair your UPS units are the cornerstone of any maintenance plan. It’s of the highest importance that these men and women are fully-trained and competent. That’s why Riello UPS has introduced its own Certified Engineer training programme for in-house technicians as well as engineers from authorised UPS resellers, so you can rest assured they’re the best in class.

With the addition of cutting-edge technology like thermal imaging systems, included with the standard annual Preventative Maintenance Visits (PMVs), it’s clear that going the extra mile is simply ingrained into the way of doing things at Riello UPS.

By using smart, modern tech like thermal imaging, as well as covering the basics like including replacement fans in its maintenance plans and labour for battery replacements – something which no other UPS manufacturer does, Riello UPS’ maintenance service is second-to-none, and now with the Diamond plan, it’s pushing customer service even further.

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The Riello UPS way

The devil, they say, is in the detail. It’s this commitment to seeing to the details and doing things right that makes up the Riello UPS way. This means doing things differently, and maintaining an excellent reputation built over three decades.

By being upfront and honest about what’s covered – as well as what isn’t – Riello UPS offers its customers a truly exceptional service. With fair, transparent and concrete SLAs, when you sign on the dotted line you’ll be certain about exactly what it is you’re getting.

Ultimately, what you’re getting is peace of mind. Those in the UK will only have to think back a few weeks to recall a severe cold snap nicknamed the Beast from the East. While it was battering long-suffering commuters and spawning millions of Instagram posts, it was also giving UPSs a hard time.

At the type of temperatures we experienced then, UPS and batteries are more prone to failure if they’re not kept in the right environment. Not everyone has a nice climate-controlled room for their UPS and batteries, and those who don’t are more susceptible to failure due to the dramatic drops in temperature.

In a situation like that Riello UPS would be best placed to react quickly. Even better, if a customer was already benefiting from a proactive maintenance plans, potential issues such as this would be less likely to happen in the first place.

DCWUnveiling the future at Data Centre World

Riello UPS will be revealing the full details of their unique new Riello UPS Diamond maintenance plan at the 10th-anniversary staging of Data Centre World at London ExCel on 21-22 March.

The team can’t wait to talk to data centre managers, engineers, and IT professionals through the pioneering new offering and would urge anyone attending the event to visit the stand (D420) and find out more. And for those unable to make the show, keep an eye on www.riello-ups.co.uk for all the latest updates about the exciting new service.

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