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Norway proposes strategy to become Data Centre Nation

Fri 23 Feb 2018

The government of Norway has released its official strategy to foster growth in the data centre industry in the country.

Norway as a Data Centre Nation’ comprises a series of government initiatives and financial investments intended to stimulate growth in the sector.

The government has pledged 100 million Norwegian krone (approx. £9 million) to finance fibre cable deployment. It has also promised NOK 40M for the development of an alternative backbone network, to increase security and redundancies for critical infrastructure.

In addition, the government intends to establish regulatory and licensing processes for in-country and foreign investors, to facilitate efficiency, predictability, and to shorten the processing time for investors seeking to construct a data centre, or establish industrial operations in Norway. All relevant regulations will be available in English, to help clarify regulatory requirements for international parties.

To ensure that Norwegian residents have the technical skills required to manage data centre work, the government has added 500 places for new IT students in 2018, and will add more in the future, as well as dedicating additional funds to IT research and innovation.

Industry Minister Torbjorn Roe Isaksen said that the aim of the Data Centre Nation strategy is to make Norway an attractive country to invest in and that the industry contributes to job and value creation.

Norway has already seen data centre construction and innovation, with last year’s opening of the massive data centre built in a defunct mine, to the world’s largest green data centre announced last August. Many companies are considering Norway as a good location for data centre builds, attractive due to low energy costs, the availability of renewable energy solutions, and a cold climate to help keep cooling costs low.

The country has strong infrastructure, with a resilient and redundant energy grid, a stable political situation, a well-trained workforce, and attractive tax benefits for businesses consuming large amounts of energy.


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