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Compass Datacenters buys two firms for edge advantage

Wed 7 Feb 2018

Texas data centre firm Compass Datacenters has acquired two specialised firms that will help it with its edge computing capacity.

EdgePoint Systems delivers, installs, monitors and maintains integrated edge data centres, while BitBox, the firm’s second acquisition, runs a facility management platform and solutions integrator.

The combination of these two purchases is intended to make Compass Datacenters the first provider in the data centre industry to be able to provide mission-critical facilities from the core to the edge.

Chris Crosby, Compass CEO, noted the evolution of the data centre in recent years and the way this change has directed the choice of acquisitions by his firm. “This is an exciting time for the data centre industry because the definition of a data centre is changing so dramatically,” he said.

“It wasn’t that long ago that the only model for a corporate data centre was a monolithic, end-user-built structure that was inflexible, capital-intensive and inefficient in a hundred ways. Data centres have evolved significantly since then and need to be much closer to end users. Our acquisition of EdgePoint and BitBox put Compass at the forefront of where data centres are needed now.”

According to Crosby, the investments by Compass means its customers will have access to a better range of solutions that match their needs, regardless of what those customers consider to be ‘the edge.’

The most recent offering from the firm, Compass EdgePoint, is what it describes as an IT-ready data centre, which can be quickly deployed directly on-premise, with the aim of reducing latency. The product’s design is patent-pending, and according to the firm solves the problems typically associated with a lack of space for high-density IT gear at edge locations.

EdgePoint founder Sharif Fotouh commented: “Companies in content, cloud, telecommunications, industrial, pharma and manufacturing need a robust edge solution, without compromises, that can be deployed quickly and that can work seamlessly with the rest of their data centre infrastructure.

“These facilities not only eliminate latency, but also eliminate the high costs and risks of fibre backhaul.”

BitBox’s facility management platform will be integrated into Compass’ plans for distributed data centre control, monitoring and maintenance. It will continue to operate under its current name.


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