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Aqua Comms extends subsea network to Nordics

Tue 16 Jan 2018

Irish submarine cable operator Aqua Comms has joined a consortium which will build a subsea cable system that connects the U.S. to Ireland, Denmark and Norway.

The Irish firm currently operates the country’s first dedicated subsea fibre-optic network that connects New York, Dublin and London.

Now it has joined the HAVFRUE consortium, which will collectively own and operate the new cable infrastructure connecting the American state of New Jersey to Ireland and Denmark, with connectivity options to its Scandinavian neighbour Norway.

This new cable system will be the first to connect the North Atlantic to mainland northern Europe in almost 20 years. The cable is expected to be finished and ready to use by the last quarter of 2019.

Aqua Comms is the chosen system operator and landing party in the States, Ireland Denmark, while the appointed supplier will be TE SubCom.

Nigel Bayliff, Aqua Comms CEO, commented: “Aqua Comms is delighted to be investing as a part of the consortium for the HAVFRUE cable system connecting the U.S., Ireland, and Denmark.

“The demand for hyperscale capacity and connectivity linking North America with Northern Europe cannot be overestimated, and the combination of AEC-1 / AEC-2 subsea cable systems, facilitated by the construction of HAVFRUE will deliver reliability and resilience at an auspicious time, especially in view of the meteoric rise of the digital economy taking place in Scandinavia.”

Once in place, Aqua Comms will sell capacity services and raw spectrum on its portion of the cable under the name America Europe Connect-2 (AEC-2). AEC-2’s infrastructure network services will be delivered to and from carrier-neutral interconnection points in Wall, New Jersey, and Long Island, New York.

On the European side, network services will be available from all landing stations and carrier-neutral Points of Presence (PoPs) in Dublin, London, Amsterdam, and Esbjerg. The latter PoP will more than double fibre connectivity to Denmark.

Steen Hommel, director at Invest in Denmark, said: “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs couldn’t be happier about this investment. Landing a brand new, top-of-the-line fibre cable on the west coast of Jutland will further cement Denmark’s connectivity to North America.”


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