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East Coast data centre firm Evocative expands into Virginia

Wed 10 Jan 2018

The world’s largest data centre market has pulled in another firm, as Californian provider Evocative expands into Virginia.

The small firm appears to have undergone a recent rapid expansion, buying up two data centres in Silicon Valley from 365 Data Centers, as well as two in Los Angeles from ColoNet.

Now, it has acquired a facility in Reston, in the north of Virginia, near Washington DC. Acquired under a long term lease with an option to purchase from existing owners Lincoln Rackhouse, the site is in amongst the most densely packed set of data centres in the world.

Giving the company a further 25,000 sq. feet and 2.2MW of capacity to add to its portfolio, the Reston facility will be connected to the nearby Equinix data centre campus via dark fibre, as well as to its own West Coast sites.

The intention is to create a national IP backbone, by diversifying away from the West Coast. According to Evocative, given the fact that all locations will be linked by multiple 40+ Gbps connections, the move will enable better disaster recovery, managed private cloud hosting, distributed storage, and direct connection to the four main public cloud platforms, such as AWS.

Arman Khalili, Evocative’s CEO, said: “Our primary goal as a trusted pay per use data centre and hybrid IT solutions company is to listen to our clients and provide them with the solutions that they require at fair prices.

“With this commitment in mind, we decided to expand into the largest data centre market on the planet with the understanding that our clients and the industry as a whole are looking for options and many clients are not happy with mega-wholesale real estate minded operators.

“We will be offering pay per use retail colocation, Disaster Recovery, Edge Computing, private cloud and public cloud interconnectivity out of all of our locations.”

The relatively unknown firm seems to have big plans, describing itself as ‘the trusted guardian of Internet infrastructure,’ and serves businesses within the U.S., including Fortune 500 clients.


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