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NTT making movements into Africa through subsidiary Internet Solutions

Tue 28 Nov 2017

NTT subsidiary Internet Solutions of South Africa has announced it will be delivering NTT’s Nexcenter data centre service in Africa.

Internet Solutions, a leading pan-African telecoms provider, has signed a partnership with parent organisations NTT Dimension Data and NTT Communications to provide the service across the continent.

The partnership is intended to benefit enterprise businesses from the United States, Europe and Asia by helping them expand their business into South Africa. The deal will give these businesses access to high quality data centre services, something that is often harder to find in Africa than elsewhere.

As well as benefitting companies outside of South Africa, the move gives businesses from within the country access to NTT’s worldwide data centre portfolio, which consists of more than 140 facilities.

The partnering companies will launch colocation services in December this year at Internet Solutions’ Parklands data centre, based in Johannesburg. The site will be launched under NTT Nexcenter brand, and will give the facility the ‘globally-standardized Nexcenter service’, which meets more than 300 facilities and operations standards.

The Parklands facility can be found in Johannesburg’s business district, and covers around 1900 sq. metres, across four floors, giving a total capacity of 1.3MW. The site has built-in redundancy measures in both power and cooling.

There are plans to expand the building by building a new tower designed to Nexcenter standards, which is expected to provide 570 racks producing a total of 2.2MW of power by July 2018.

Internet Solutions managing director, Saki Missaikos, said: “Internet Solutions is pleased to join this international network of top-standard data centres. As the first Nexcenter location in Africa, we present attractive service and technological capability to multinational companies looking to expand into the region.”

Internet Solutions provides telecoms services to both public and private sector organisations across Africa, and is wholly owned by Japanese telecom leader NTT.


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