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Google Dedicated Interconnect goes global, partners with Equinix

Thu 2 Nov 2017

Google Cloud’s Dedicated Interconnect service has had a major update, with general availability, an increased number of sites across the world, and a partnership with Equinix to improve access.

The updates, according to Google, will make it easier to gain access to fast, private connection to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), in facilities around the world. This means companies can extend on-prem networks to a GCP virtual private cloud (VPC) network.

That, in turn, allows these firms to build applications that ‘span on-premises infrastructure and GCP without compromising privacy or performance.’ Designed for production-grade workloads, Dedicated Interconnect now comes with a choice of two service level agreements (SLAs) – offering either 99.9% or 99.99% uptime.

A new feature of Dedicated Interconnect is Cloud Router, which supports global routing, allowing GCP subnets to be accessed from any on-prem network through the Google network. This means, for instance, that a connection made at a data centre in Chicago, to GCP’s Dedicated Interconnect Chicago location, would give access to all GCP subnets around the world.

Dedicated Interconnect product manager John Veizadez stated in a blog post that this feature is unique for cloud providers. He further noted the introduction of a partnership with leading data centre REIT Equinix.

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Google will be working with Equinix to ‘offer Dedicated Interconnect access in multiple markets across the globe.’ Veizadez also stated that Google is introducing four new Dedicated Interconnect locations – in Mumbai, Munich, Montreal and Atlanta. He argues that this makes it possible to access Google’s network ‘almost anywhere in the world.’

Equinix global solutions VP, Ryan Mallory, commented on the partnership: “By providing direct access to Google Cloud Dedicated Interconnect, we are helping enterprises leverage Google’s network — the largest in the world — and accelerate their hybrid cloud strategies globally.

“Dedicated Interconnect offered in collaboration with Equinix enables customers to easily build the cloud of their choice with dedicated, low-latency connections and SLAs that enterprise customers have come to expect from hybrid cloud architectures.”

Equinix has also been busy lately, particularly in pushing the importance of interconnection, including through a partnership with Oracle.


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