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NextDC announces launch of Vodafone point of presence at Perth site

Wed 25 Oct 2017

Australian data centre and colocation firm NextDC has announced that Vodafone is launching a point of presence at its Perth data centre.

The point of presence, once linked to Vodafone’s ‘super hub’, will give extra resilience to local mobile service, increase access to complementary networks, and help deliver 4G services to Western Australia.

As well as this, the telecoms provider’s presence at the Perth facility, known as P1, will boost its capacity for IP transit and peering. It will give Vodafone access to submarine cable connections that are currently in development, and hosting network functions virtualisation (NFV) equipment to run mobile and fixed network core applications.

NextDC sales and marketing group executive, Adam Scully, commented: “Our P1 facility will be linked to Vodafone’s super hub, giving customers across Western Australia access to a range of new services and adding even more redundancy to the network.

“Being able to offer global leaders like Vodafone the ability to provide customers with better services is the driver behind NextDC’s continual push to deliver premium data centre services across the country.”

Vodafone network engineering and performance GM, Barry Kezik, said: “Establishing a presence in NextDC’s P1 Perth data centre is an exciting step for Vodafone as we continue to focus on delivering a great network experience to our customers using the broad range of offerings from NextDC, including the data centre’s community of carriers, content delivery networks (CDNs), transit networks and dark fibre service providers.”

The decision also includes an agreement that NextDC will provide real-time telemetry on Vodafone’s rack environment through cloud-based data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) service ONEDC, which can be integrated into Vodafone’s facility monitoring systems.

NextDC has been embroiled in a bidding war with 360 Capital for months over the acquisition of the Asia Pacific Data Centre (APDC) Group, with increasing bids going back and forth several times. NextDC is currently the sole tenant of three of APDC’s data centres, including the facility in Perth, and has raised concerns over the possibility of having 360 Capital as a landlord.


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