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CyrusOne announces construction of 100MW campus in Texas

Wed 25 Oct 2017

Dallas based data centre real estate investment trust (REIT) firm CyrusOne has announced plans for a new 100MW data centre campus in Allen, Texas.

The construction of the campus will work in three phases, with the first beginning in October, with the building of an initial 340,000 sq. foot facility, which will bring CyrusOne’s total square footage in Texas to more than 1.7 million.

Only once the campus’ three data centres have been built will it hit the targeted 100 megawatts. The facilities will have access to multiple cloud providers, as well as giving access to one of the largest fibre hubs in the U.S., along with other CyrusOne hubs in the area.

The new facilities will be linked to the firm’s National Internet Exchange (National IX), which allows for interconnections between CyrusOne facilities across the country.

CyrusOne global sales executive VP, John Gould, said: “The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has always been a strong market for CyrusOne, and we continue to see growing demand from customers to scale with us. Allen is a business-friendly community, and its proximity to Dallas makes it an ideal site for our new state-of-the-art data centre campus.”

Local officials have also welcomed the announcement, with Allen Mayor Stephen Terrell commenting: “CyrusOne makes the perfect neighbour as their investment in our community strengthens our tax base, which benefits our schools and services.

“Additionally, the new data centre has few needs for city services and will have minimal impact on our infrastructure, thanks to CyrusOne’s use of environmentally-friendly waterless cooling technology.”

The firm operates 40 data centres in the U.S., Europe and Asia, with the intention of providing flexibility and scale for its customers. According to the firm, its facilities are engineered to create a highly redundant environment, with the necessary power-density infrastructure required for high availability. It serves nearly 1000 customers, including 190 Fortune 1000 firms and nine out of the top ten cloud providers.


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