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Cisco announces updates to Application Centric Infrastructure capabilities

Mon 16 Oct 2017


Cisco has announced an update to its industry-leading software-defined networking (SDN) solution, Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI).

The update hopes to create a more seamless process for customers adopting intent-based networking for their data centres.

With added network automation agility, better container security and simplified management, Cisco hopes that the new developments (ACI 3.0) along with public cloud integration will allow customers to manage a hybrid network over complex data centre and multi-cloud environments.

Features of the update include multi-site integration, which enables connection and management of multiple ACI fabrics. Cisco argues that this feature will significantly improve disaster recovery and application scalability.

The update also includes a new user interface with the aim of improving operational flexibility and visibility. There will be consistent layouts, simpler topology, and troubleshooting wizards. The firm also promises increased security measures, in part by automatically authenticating workloads and categorising them into trusted security groups.

Ish Limkakeng, Cisco SVP of data centre networking, commented: “As our customers shift to multi-cloud strategies, they are seeking ways to simplify the management and scalability of their environments.

“ACI’s new multi-site management capability helps network operators more easily move and manage workloads with a single pane of glass – a significant step in delivering on Cisco’s vision for enabling ACI Anywhere.”

Cisco states that it recognises the need for customers to have heightened speed, security and flexibility for anything occurring within the complex data centres of today. By automating IT operations with a central policy across multiple data centres and geographies, Cisco’s ACI is intended to be able to meet such demand.

The ACI Anywhere solution has helped different types of customer from enterprise organisations to service providers and commercial firms to succeed in multisite and multi-cloud environments.

Enterprise Strategy Group analyst Dan Conde commented on the update: “ACI’s new integration with container cluster managers and its enhancements to zero trust security make this a modern offering for the market.”


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