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Swedish prefab data centre firm continues expansion in Myanmar

Thu 5 Oct 2017

Swedish prefabricated data centre manufacturer Flexenclosure has deployed 22 of its power systems to telecom sites in Myanmar.

The Swedish firm designs and produces prefab data centres and hybrid power systems for the IT industry, and has recently gained a number of contracts from energy service companies around the world.

According to Flexenclosure, there is a move towards ‘energy as a service‘ in developing countries, which it believes it can take advantage of thanks to its ‘eSite x10’ model. It describes the model as the world’s first hybrid power system purpose-built for outdoor telecom sites and to outdoor telecom standards.

Energy as a service is a new concept in which the relationship between energy users and utilities companies is transformed, with more choice for the end user, in particular in relation to how the energy is produced, and the end user’s level of dependence on the grid.

The eSite units have been deployed in rural Myanmar, and are now operational. They are configured to harvest solar energy as efficiently as possible, as well as being easily transportable and compact, meaning it’s possible to set them up in remote areas.

Flexenclosure CEO, David King, said: “We are delighted to maintain Flexenclosure’s position as a leading innovator in Myanmar with this deployment. Energy as a service is a fast-growing market, and one that demands the highest levels of performance and reliability from hybrid power systems.”

The Flexenclosure deployment was commission by energy service company Nordic Tele Systems (NTS). Geir Andrew Olsen, NTS’s managing director, said: “We insist on using and deploying only the most advanced technology in support of our customers.”

“The Flexenclosure team has been very easy to work with and their eSite x10 brings a number of impressive innovations ahead of the competition.”

Flexenclosure, founded in 1989, is headquartered in Stockholm and has offices in Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria and South Africa.


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