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Microsoft plans data centre build in San Jose

Tue 3 Oct 2017

Microsoft has acquired 65 acres of land in San Jose where it plans to build an industrial centre, with the option of including a data centre.

The Redmond-based giant bought empty the land, which previously belonged to Cilker Orchards, for $73.2 million, according to local newspaper the Mercury News.

The San Jose government website states that the proposed use for the acquired land could either be approximately 1.2 million sq. ft of light industrial development, or a 436,880 sq. ft data centre with a substation to provide the electrical needs for the data centre, and approximately 728,000 sq. ft of light industrial development.

The land, which is currently described as fallow farmland with several buildings and farm-related structures, would need to be re-assigned as light industrial land, according to the plans.

The project could potentially face a number of roadblocks due to comments made by pressure groups. The Native American Heritage Commission has claimed that there has not been sufficient consultation in order to see if the land is of cultural significance.

There have also been environmental questions around the project. The California Department of Transportation brings up a number of issues and suggests a scaled-down project in order to ease traffic concerns. However, the Bay Area Air Quality board has noted that the proposed data centre would meet environmental requirements, with an acceptable power usage effectiveness (PUE) measurement.

The plans have been praised by local officials. San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo said: “We welcome Microsoft’s substantial investment in San Jose, as it seeks to meet the world’s burgeoning demand for cloud capacity.” Liccardo is likely to welcome investment in the area, following his proposal to build 25,000 residential units.

Placed in Silicon Valley, California, San Jose has seen investment from technology companies looking to expand. Google is reportedly planning a large development in San Jose that could house 15,000 to 20,000 employees. Apple, Amazon and Adobe have all also made enquiries in the area.

GM of Microsoft cloud infrastructure and operations, Christian Belady, said: “We continuously explore opportunities to meet the needs of a future based on cloud computing and internet services, so we’re thrilled to find a great one in the heart of Silicon Valley.”


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