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Trading Technologies colocates with HKEX data centre

Thu 21 Sep 2017


Trading Technologies, Inc., a Chicago-based provider of professional trading software, has announced client connectivity services are now available through the Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing (HKEX) data center.

Trading Technologies (TT) is now co-locating with the HKEX data center, which is intended to strengthen the company’s global presence and provide APAC clients with a regional access point to TT’s network.

Through the TT and X_TRADER trading platforms, TT creates software and solutions for professional financiers including traders, money managers, and hedge funds. Colocation at the HKEX will allow TT clients high-performance, direct access to the HKEX derivatives markets.

Jonathan Ferreira, Asia/Pacific Director of Customer Success for TT said that the significance of the new colocation site goes beyond offering convenient solutions for professional traders. It also, he said, ‘highlights our commitment to offering professional traders a smarter, faster and more robust route to exchanges around the globe.’

Just last week, TT announced that it was expanding its sales organization in the APAC region with new executive sales directors for Singapore and Australia. The new hires will be responsible for leading the company’s expansion and sales efforts in the Asia Pacific region.

Earlier this year, TT bolstered its global network with a colocation agreement with Interexion’s London data center, facilitating trader access to the London Metal Exchange, ICE Futures and Euronext. Future plans include colocation with the B3 data center in Brazil, to strengthen connections for South American clients.

HKEX Chief Executive Charles Li Xiaojia announced that his organization was working closely with regulators to connect investors on the Chinese mainland with foreign investors. To this end, the HKEX is reportedly considering creating a program called ‘Primary Connect’ to allow mainland investors to subscribe for new shares listing in Hong Kong, in the hopes that this will attract international firms to the exchange.

The Hong Kong Exchange already runs similar ‘Connect’ programs, two of which are dedicated to investors from Shanghai and Shenzhen and one, ‘Bond Connect’ which allows bonds from mainland China to be traded by international investors.


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