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AirTrunk opens $200mn Sydney data centre

Wed 20 Sep 2017


Singapore-based AirTrunk has launched its flagship data center in Western Sydney, Australia. The hyperscale data center is the company’s first in Australia, although a facility in Melbourne is currently under construction and expected to open in the coming weeks.

The Sydney data center represents the first step in the company’s aggressive growth plan for the APAC region and was designed to appeal to large enterprises with a need for cloud services.

AirTrunk CEO Robin Khuda noted at the launch of the data center that the specific needs of cloud providers, which include reliability, cost efficiency, scalability and ease of deployment drove the design of the company’s data centers.

The flagship Sydney data center will eventually have a total capacity of over 80MW, with 30 data halls and 25,000 square meters of technical data hall area. The first set of data halls, with over 20MW of power, are now being fitted by the facility’s first customer and should go live soon. A second phase, with an additional 10MW of power, is being fitted for a second client and is expected to be completed in 2018.

The $200 million AUD data center is compliant with Australia’s security requirements. It is energy efficient, with 1.15 PUE and 132 KV diverse high voltage feed, from onsite transformers and feeds from two separate substations. CTO Damien Spillane said, “We’ve got the most reliable utility infrastructure in a data center in Australia. That level of voltage doesn’t fall over – it doesn’t fail.”

In July 2016, AirTrunk announced that it planned to spend $1.7 billion AUD in creating data centers in Sydney and Melbourne, with plans to expand to Singapore and Hong Kong. The company’s business model provides that AirTrunk builds data halls and provides security, high-speed connections, power and cooling while customers build out and maintain their own servers at the facility.

At the time, CEO Khuda noted that significant opportunities are available in the APAC cloud market. “Cloud computing in the Asia-Pacific is probably about three to four years behind the U.S., but there is a massive catch-up so cloud operators are investing significant money,” he said. “Right now there’s an enormous shift to the cloud.”

The company’s plans were realized with the help of a $400M funding round in February 2017. The deal, announced as the highest pre-revenue capital raised by an APAC startup, was led by Goldman Sachs and TPG Capital. The company predicted that the data center market in the region would reach $12.5 billion by 2019, and believes that the adoption of new, efficient cooling and power systems will help AirTrunk to gain a competitive advantage.


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