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Equinix Australian data centres to be used for new Australia to Asia cable system

Thu 7 Sep 2017

U.S. data centre giant Equinix has announced that its international business exchange (IBX) data centres in Melbourne and Sydney will be used for Vocus Communications’ Australian-Singapore Cable (ASC) submarine cable system.

The addition of the ASC means that connections between Australia and Southeast Asia will be improved. Equinix has stated that the ASC will use more than 150 networks in Sydney and more than 35 in Melbourne, enabling high-speed connectivity in the APAC region.

Vocus CEO, Geoff Horth, noted that by using Equinix, the cable will be able to cover all major carrier and cloud providers.

Horth said: ‘As we see strong demand for connectivity and the need for diversity and resilience for both the Australian and other Asian markets, we are excited to launch a Singapore to Australia cable that will offer the fastest connectivity between the two destinations.’

ASC, a four-pair fibre network with 100 wavelengths per pair, is expected to deliver at least 40Tbps of capacity from Australia to Southeast Asia, and will provide a new route to the subcontinent from western Australia.

It will be placed alongside other cable providers already within Equinix’s IBX data centres in Sydney, and will become the first with a point of presence (PoP) in its Melbourne facility. Vocus is looking to pursue the project aggressively, giving a deadline to go live in July next year, earlier than its original target of September.

Equinix Australia MD, Jeremy Deutsch, said: ‘ASC is an important addition to the list of advanced submarine cables on offer to our customers at Equinix Australia, and presents further connectivity options to businesses looking for alternate connectivity to Southeast Asia.’

The news will be particularly significant for companies based out of Equinix’s Melbourne data centre, which saw improvements worth $37 million (approx. £22.7 million) last year, doubling its capacity.

The move is important for telecom firm Vocus, which recently saw heavy losses following a difficult integration with several other telco businesses.


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