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Fortrust and Megaport partner for cloud connectivity

Thu 31 Aug 2017

Fortrust, a nationally-recognized provider of colocation services based in Denver, Colorado has announced a partnership with Megaport, a leader in software-defined networking (SDN).

The new partnership is intended to enable Fortrust customers to launch multicloud environments, while maintaining seamless connectivity with hyperscale cloud providers.

Fortrust customers can also expect to benefit from access to the Megaport global network, gaining provisioning and resources from Megaport partners, which include the world’s largest cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, Oracle, Google, and Alibaba.

Robert D. McClary, COO at Fortrust, noted that the partnership with Megaport will allow Fortrust to expand cloud interconnection services, adding another layer of services available to customers. “Our customers can now provision rapid, reliable, and secure connections, improving performance and reducing costs. This delivers additional value to our customers and enables a key differentiator for our data centers.”

Megaport plans to benefit from the partnership as well. Nicole Cooper, executive VP, Americas, for Megaport noted that enabling her company’s SDN capabilities within Fortrust “opens up great opportunities to serve more enterprises with connectivity that is aligned to their business needs.”

She added, “We are very excited to work with the talented team at Fortrust.”

This is the second Megaport partnership announced just this week. On Tuesday, Stream Data Centers announced that it had signed a partnership with Megaport to provide scalable mulitcloud connectivity to customers of Stream. Stream customers in San Antonio will be able to access Megaport services in the fourth quarter of this year, with expansion to Stream data centers in Houston and Minneapolis to follow.

Earlier this month, Fortrust was acquired by Iron Mountain for $130M USD, as part of the storage services company’s agreement to purchase MAG Datacenters, LLC. This acquisition expanded Iron Mountain’s portfolio across the western United States and increased Iron Mountain’s capacity from 30MW to over 70 MW, according to sources at Iron Mountain.

At the time of acquisition, Fortrust CEO Steven Knudson said, “We are excited by the potential this transaction with Iron Mountain represents, giving our customers access to a larger portfolio of locations and services while still receiving the highest level of customer service and operational quality Fortrust has delivered for over 15 years.”


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