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Huawei completes overhaul of Ikoula data centres

Wed 30 Aug 2017

Huawei Data Center Network Solutions has completed an overhaul of French cloud hosting provider Ikoula’s six international data centers, enabling customers to deploy virtual machines in under a minute, while improving network efficiency and reducing congestion.

Ikoula was founded in 1998, and evolved from a company that provided equipment room and rack leasing services to become a premier provider of dedicated hosting and cloud hosting services to clients worldwide. The company selected Huawei to revamp its network, consisting of six data centers on three continents, to upgrade performance and reliability while reducing congestion and O&M complexity.

To meet the new requirements for Ikoula’s network, Huawei deployed NE routers and CloudEngine data center switches, to build a data center network supporting 100 GE interconnect with 10GE access. The network is scalable, supporting physical servers at 10GE, 40GE and 100 GE connections, intended to provide speed and elasticity throughout the network, and improve the end user experience.

Huawei also helped to prepare Ikoula for the next stage of its evolution. The network fully supports VXLAN and EVPN, allowing the network to move smoothly towards a software-defined network in the future. Due to forward thinking and careful planning, the existing network can be changed over to SDN without any requirements for reconstruction, reducing future capital and operating expenses.

Finally, Huawei integrated virtualization technologies to establish high-reliability networks. Huawei’s virtualization solution allows for elastic scheduling of resources responsive to changes in the network traffic, intelligent O&M, and rapid rollout of services. This reduces the need for complex operations and management of network devices, while improving the efficiency of network O&M.

As part of the project, Huawei managed to resolve significant issues with the existing system, including making the network elastic and scalable, with more efficient use of all network resources. At the same time, network congestion issues were resolved and bandwidth was increased, while maintaining a simple framework for operations and network management systems.

In 2016, Ikoula acquired Dutch hosting service Ermis, and expanded their service to Amsterdam. Currently, the company offers cloud services in the U.S., Germany, Singapore and the Netherlands, hosting more than 37,000 websites on 8,000 virtual servers, with over 25,000 customers.


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