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Lenovo announces new data centre solutions for Russian market

Wed 9 Aug 2017

Lenovo has released a new portfolio of ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile data centre products and services for the Russian market. The solutions include servers, storage systems, network devices, and a range of data centre software technologies.

ThinkSystem provides the hardware solutions in the new Lenovo series, while ThinkAgile offers the software to support these devices.

The company states that ThinkSystem delivers compatible hardware designed to be installed on top of legacy systems, so there is no need for customers to build new data centre systems from scratch. The product line combines System x, IBM and ThinkServer products.

The ThinkAgile software series is designed to allow flexibility, with the solutions able to adapt to changing IT and business needs, while also enabling high-speed computing operations and effective management of IT infrastructure. ThinkAgile can also provide control over IT resources at a local data centre level.

Lenovo ThinkAgile SX series for Microsoft Azure Stack delivers a pre-integrated solution for hybrid cloud environments. It includes virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), back-office applications, server consolidation, enterprise applications, databases, test and development environments, as well as cloud implementation.

The company claims to offer ready-made solutions that can extend the capabilities of enterprise data centres, including automated lifecycle management, lower cost and reduced support requirements.

Lenovo also announced a new high-performance computing solution ThinkSystem SD530. The technology is designed to perform a wide range of workloads including the processing and analysis of large amounts of data, artificial intelligence tasks and the building of hyper-scalable environments.

ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile solutions also launched in Belarus and Ukraine earlier this summer.

In 2014, Lenovo announced its $2.1 billion (approx. £1.6 billion) acquisition of IBM’s x86 server division. Products included BladeCenter, NeXtScale and iDataPlex servers, x86-based Flex integrated systems and System x. Many of these IBM solutions are now widely used within the ThinkSystem portfolio.

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