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Sudlows to build Indectron data centre

Wed 19 Jul 2017


Sudlows has been selected to design and construct a new Shield House data center for Indectron, a UK provider of colocation space and services.

The new 3MW data center will incorporate 18,000 square meters of floor space with capacity for over 500 colocation racks. It will be located in Gloucestershire, near Malvern, in a business park that specializes in cybersecurity firms.

The Shield House will incorporate three colocation data halls in a high-security facility. It offers 3MW total capacity, with 1.5MW facility IT power capacity and 100% uptime. The indirect free cooling system has a PUE of up to 1.2, depending on which colocation hall is measured, in an N+1 resilient framework.

Power is supplied via 2N redundant HV mains, 2N active power distribution to racks, and a 2N modular redundant UPS. The site also offers N+1 redundant standby generators with 48 hours of fuel onsite, as well as full power monitoring and energy management for customers.

The Shield House is the first facility build for Indectron, a company that provides carrier-neutral colocation data center space for companies in media, education, healthcare and government. The new data center has been designed for environmental efficiency and offers help desk and remote services 24/7/365.

Sudlows was selected to design and build the Indectron data center due to its performance during the bidding stage for the project. Andrew Bence, MD for Indectron, noted that the company won the bid ‘because they went above and beyond the requirements of the tender process.’

The company submitted a bid for the project with several alternative options, demonstrating Sudlows ‘depth of experience and commitment to going the extra mile.’

Additionally, Indectron was impressed by the experience of the Sudlows team, as well as the detailed vendor and technology assessments submitted with the proposal.

In February, Sudlows acquired Progressive Network Solutions, a provider of technical install services in London and surrounding areas, including the Thames Valley and the Midlands. This acquisition was intended to strengthen the company’s infrastructure services portfolio in the southern region.


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